Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kyushu Electric Scandal: Vice President and Other High-Ranking Execs Involved

The Kyuden (Kyushu Electric) saga over the restart of Genkai Nuclear Power Plant in Saga Prefecture continues.

First, it was a "kacho", section manager who sent emails to 4 people. Then there was a "bucho", division manager, who instructed the "kacho" to do so, and the 4 people who received the email from the "kacho" forwarded the mail to everyone in their company, and one even posted it on a company bulletin board.

Now, it turns out that there were "fukushacho", the vice president and other managing directors who were directly involved in trying to stuff the hearing with pro-nuke "anonymous" messages. The chairman of the company, Shingo Matsuo, who said that his company's loss was the loss for the nation, shortened the overseas trip and flew back, presumably to discuss whether the resignation of the president is warranted, according to Kyodo News Japanese (7/8/2011).

The industry people and nuclear experts and former employees at electric companies all say "Oh it's been done this way for a very long time, and no one had said a thing. Why is this even the news right now?" The only people who didn't know (or didn't care to know) were the ordinary Japanese.

Politicians feign indignation as if they also heard about it for the first time ever and as if they didn't have any hand in it.

Is it only the hearings and meetings after the nuke plants are built that these electric companies try to rig, I wonder?


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