Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Large and Strong Typhoon No.26 Approaching Kanto and Tohoku, #Fukushima I NPP Prepares by Releasing Low Contamination Water to Make Room in Tanks

(UPDATE) The amount of water released from the notch tanks (2) is 40 tonnes so far, according to Jiji. Cesium-137 in the water was 21Bq/L, within the provisional standard at Fukushima I NPP of 25Bq/L.


From Japan Meteorological Agency's English Site:

It looks like Fukushima will be in the north-west quadrant of the area with 50 knots or more wind.

As for TEPCO's preparation, the company finally has a standard (after more than two and a half years) for the release of rainwater inside the dam (or low barrier) that surrounds the water storage tanks (both contaminated and treated). The standard has been approved by Nuclear Regulation Authority. According to Jiji Tsushin (10/16/2013):


If the density of cesium-137 is less than 25Bq/L, [the rainwater inside the dam] will be released.

TEPCO Nuclear has just tweeted:


Due to rainfall as the typhoon approaches, as of 5:40AM this morning we started discharging the water from the notch tanks [short, square tanks] in the East-C and West-C areas, as the water meets the standard for discharge. We plan to pump water from the dams surrounding the tanks into this notch tanks. http://www.tepco.co.jp/cc/press/2013/1231442_5117.html

The link in TEPCO's tweet has more details of this standard:

  • Cesium-134: 15Bq/L

  • Cesium-137: 25Bq/L

  • No additional gamma nuclides

  • Strontium-90: 10Bq/L

They are 1/3 to 1/4 of legal limits for the discharge from a functioning nuclear power plant.


Anonymous said...

As a side note, legal limits are just legal limits. Before Fukushima disaster the legal limit to dump contaminated waste was 100 Bq/kg, after Fukushima it has been raised to 8,000 Bq/kg.

Anonymous said...

Another map, completely OT, have fun since smiling is said to be good against ionizing radiations - and this might be not all false.


Anonymous said...

Just one day after their 'standard', Tepco decided to release lots of radioactive rainwater, without knowing how radioactive it was. Too much rainwater, was the lame excuses. It's unforseeable in Japan that typhoons hit NPP's.
I'm quite sure they are looking to the weather forcast hoping a new thyphoon will come their way.
All that water doesn't have to cleaned! We can blame the sudden raised contamination outsight the plant on that event too. Only Abe is a small problem, the nitwit said yesterday that radioactive waste water is under controle in the Diet. Why didn't he a week or so with his favorate statement? Let's see, how can we spin this? Oh, easy it was not waste water, but rain water! We love word games in Japan!
Ok, that crisis is solved too, so we can turn our attention to something more important, Olympics and our latest toy, the super fast train.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you above that the Tokyo Olympics are far more needed than fixing the Fukushima set of problems.
About water Tepco could copy-cat or copy-paste the La Hague facility (France, towards the Channel) and build a duct to release contaminated waters in international waters, thus avoiding any restriction.
If that would be too far in the Pacific ocean, build the duct in the Japan - or China sea, or to Russia, that was awarded the northest islands above Hokkaido. Russia is good at decontaminating, isn't it ?

Anonymous said...

According to NHK farmers nearby Chernobyl are still struggling with Cesium now, 25+ years after the nuclear disaster. Probably even Russia can't decontaminate that well...


Anonymous said...

They should just send the water to Wade Allison so he can alleviate his Cold War fears by ingesting all of it.

Yeda Noboru said...

Yes Beppe,

I had my tongue in my cheek.
Decontamination is a nightmare,

Anonymous said...

worst still - don't worry it only contains cesium.. and its below health standards ... n.d * no other nuclides were tested or found :)

Anonymous said...

Of course the water was below legal limits, why would Tepco lie?

Anonymous said...

Next time someone says they can decontaminate radiation, ask them if they can ensure that there is never ever a single speck of dust or dirt in their entire house.

SouthJerseyJoey said...

don't worry, tepco and the japanese people don't need to take any precautions. instead, take wade allison's and yamashita's Ph D baloney deductions as gospel....do nothing and do it with a big smile. gotta love the nuke butt kissers and their bullcrap.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it fascinating how people like Allison promote nuclear energy to "save the planet" from "climate change" whilst dumping radioactive nuclear waste everywhere?

Not to mention all the other terrible shit people are doing to the environment, like fracking, oil spills, depleted uranium weaponry, toxic gold mining, genetic modification of all and sundry with complete disregard for potentially negative and uncontrollable consequences, etc...

But hey -- can't expect parameciums to consider more than one problem at a time. They just gotta find one thing to use as blame to justify whatever makes them feel righteous and rakes in the cash.

Apolline said...

Are you OK, Ultraman, or no important news from Fukushima ? Anyway, if you are not fine, take your time.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If there's any important news, you can be sure it'll follow the exact same pattern as always.

1. Tepco (or [insert company/government here] realizes they've been doing something incredibly stupid this entire time, with potentially catastrophic consequences.
2. "Experts" and "professionals" with industry connections or funding insist that nothing is dangerous because nobody was proven to die within two weeks of the incident; accuse any valid concerns of being "fear-mongering".
3. Regular "sheeple" happily accept that everything's safe because they don't want to feel bad or worry about anything. They go into denial and attack everyone else with personal insults, irrelevant straw-manning and incorrect, twisted information to justify their stance.
4. Mainstream media picks up on the story 3 years later.

Anonymous said...

When I checked this website today ( 21 OCT at night) and i saw the header, I thought Tepco did it again as there is a new thypoon coming up... Well. let's see if history repeats itself this week and how much contaminated water will be released on purpose and of course accidently ( yeah right ! ). What will it be this time ?

Apolline said...

And another one behind No 27Francisco typhoon. Typhoon No 28 is coming :


Apolline said...

Its name is Lekima.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Thank you Helios and Beppe for your concern. I still have to take things slowly and plenty of sleep (for a change...). Sorry, everyone, for not posting often.

Anonymous said...

By all means, do not lose your sleep for the sake of the blog.
Please take good care of yourself.


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