Sunday, October 26, 2014

(OT) To Readers of this Blog

It's not that there isn't any more news about the Fukushima I NPP accident or about the Japanese politics or about anything I want to write about. There are plenty.

But since this summer I have had to take care of my health problems (nothing major but nonetheless needing attention) while at the same time doing whatever I can to make ends meet, and I simply have not had a decent enough chunk of time to research and write a post. I'm a slow writer and it often takes several hours to write a single post.

A quick thank-you to people who have kindly donated to this blog since late last year and whom I have failed to thank in person. I'm not doing this for money, but it helps me keep going. Thank you.

Y.K. from Ithaca, New York
S.L. from Vienna, Austria
E.P. from Diemen, Netherlands
S.L. from Joseph, Oregon
J.F.K. from Victoria, Australia
M.L. from Levie, France
B.K. from Japan/Germany
A.T. from Severna Park, Maryland
J.K. from Chassell, Michigan

Special thanks to S.L. in Vienna, Austria, who has regularly donated a generous amount for over three and a half years now, from the very beginning of the Fukushima nuclear accident.

And thank you everyone who come to my blog to read my posts. I'll be back soon.


For those who do Twitter, I manage to tweet (as it is short) articles, comments. But those are not limited to the nuclear accident, and most of them are in Japanese (I'm trying to tweet in both Japanese and English). My English-speaking followers must be very frustrated. You could follow me @exskf.