Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ford To Get $5.9 Billion Government Loans

Et Tu, Ford.. (And Tesla, and Nissan...Nissan?)

The U.S. automaker Ford is getting the government loans, after all. The loans are for upgrading factories to produce fuel-efficient cars.

AP source: Ford to get $5.9B in govt loans
(6/23/09 AP via Yahoo Finance)

In addition to Ford,

"Nissan was receiving $1.6 billion to retool their plant in Smyrna, Tenn., to build advanced vehicles and build a battery manufacturing facility. Tesla was receiving $465 million in loans to build electric vehicles and electric drive powertrains in California."

In case you forget, Nissan is a Japanese company. Who's next at the trough? Koreans? Chinese? Germans?


Unknown said...

It’s quite funny on why Ford will use this Government loan to produce a fuel efficient vehicle. Gas guzzler vehicles are not smart to use anymore. And that’s why I’m planning to bought a Japanese used cars.

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