Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Companies Reporting Earnings on 7/21/2009 Updated

(Updated: 1:48 PM PST)

(The list is not exhaustive. For a more complete list, check Yahoo.)

Before market open:

  • AKS (AK Steel): beat analyst estimates ($47M loss)
  • BLK (Blackrock): beat (profit down 20%)
  • BTU (Peabody Energy): met (profit down 66%)
  • CAL (Continental Airlines): missed ($169M loss)
  • CAT (Caterpiller): beat (profit down 66%)
  • DD (Du Pont): beat (profit down 61%)
  • FCX (Freeport-McMoran): beat (profit down 37%)
  • HCBK (Hudson City Bancorp): beat (profit up 16%)
  • KO (Coca Cola): beat (profit up 44%)
  • LMT (Lockheed Martin): beat (profit down 17%)
  • LUV (Southwest Airlines): beat (profit down 83%)
  • MRK (Merck): beat (profit down 10%)
  • STT (State Street): beat (3.31B loss)
  • UAUA (United Airlines): beat
  • UTX (United Technologies): beat (profit down 24%)

(Most companies beat the analyst estimates that were low. So it was analysts who missed...)

After market close:

  • AAPL (Apple): beat (profit up 15%)
  • AMD: missed
  • BXP (Boston Properties): beat
  • GILD (Gilead Sciences): beat
  • SBUX (Starbucks): beat
  • STX (Seagate): beat
  • YHOO (Yahoo): beat (profit up 8%)


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