Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tax Botox, Soda, Fat Food For Health Care "Reform"

That's what the government is thinking, ostensibly to pay for the health care "reform". Whatever it takes to get their hands on someone else's money to spend on their pet projects including repairing old toilets in federal facilities.

Plastic Surgery Tax Eyed As Revenue Raiser (7/27/09 National Journal)

Tough love for fat people: Tax their food to pay for healthcare (Fixed) (7/27/09 LA Times)

CDC Chief: Soda Tax Could Combat Obesity (7/27/09 CBS News)

They are talking about 10% sales tax. The model for deciding "non-healthy" food seems to be European, where bureaucrats at the supra-government agency (European Commission) decide what is healthy for EU citizens.

Drudge Report still has a photograph of the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, with her eyes fixed wide open (with alleged botox treatment). It also had a picture of VP Biden (not any more), who allegedly went through botox treatment and hair transplant. Ah, but remember, Congress is EXEMPT from whatever health care "reform" they will eventually enact. If they were to double the tax for members of Congress instead, then I may start to believe in change.

Also remember the idea of national sales tax, or Value Added Tax (VAT) that was floated in May.


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