Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Local Town Hall Meeting on Health Care "Reform"

Since the place was overflowed with people trying to get in, I gave up, went home, and am listening to the live radio coverage.

The Democratic Congressman and his handlers clearly stuffed the place with supporters (this town doesn't have big enough businesses that have big unions, but it has a large university campus) who yell and cheer and applaud at every full stop.

The Congressman is following the script given by the Democratic Party but doesn't sound very confident. Actually, he's giving out wrong information about the bill. He's cutting off questioners if the questioners are against the bill, and calling every critical comment as "false", with no clarification (like citing the actual sentences in the bill, for example, Congressman?).

(BTW, the Congressman sounds like "George" in "Seinfeld"...)

But no matter. Ever since the university came to town, this town has been transformed into one of the most "progressive" town in the United States. And the audience applaud at the idea that private insurance companies may go bankrupt if this bill gets enacted.

If I were to ask questions to the Congressman:

  • If this bill is so good, as you depict, why then are the member of Congress exempt?
  • Medicare and Medicaid are bust. Why should the government take on more, when it can't manage these existing programs?
  • If the health care is a right, why are we paying for the right? Shouldn't a right be free?

Oh, and one more:

  • Do you agree or disagree with Ms. Pelosi that the health care "reform" protesters are "un-American"?


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