Friday, September 18, 2009

No Health Care for Illegal Immigrants Because Everyone Will Be Legal

Representative Joe Wilson was formally rebuked for shouting "You lie!" when the president was speaking about illegal immigrants and health care coverage in Congress last week.

You lied, Mr. President?

Well, technically no, you didn't. All you're saying now is there will be no coverage/credit for illegal immigrants because everyone will be made legal immigrants. President Obama spoke to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute on Wednesday, Washington Times reports:

Obama: Legalize illegals to get them health care (9/18/09 Washington Times)

"President Obama said this week that his health care plan won't cover illegal immigrants, but argued that's all the more reason to legalize them and ensure they eventually do get coverage.

"He also staked out a position that anyone in the country legally should be covered - a major break with the 1996 welfare reform bill, which limited most federal public assistance programs only to citizens and longtime immigrants.

""Even though I do not believe we can extend coverage to those who are here illegally, I also don't simply believe we can simply ignore the fact that our immigration system is broken," Mr. Obama said Wednesday evening in a speech to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. "That's why I strongly support making sure folks who are here legally have access to affordable, quality health insurance under this plan, just like everybody else.

"Mr. Obama added, "If anything, this debate underscores the necessity of passing comprehensive immigration reform and resolving the issue of 12 million undocumented people living and working in this country once and for all.""

There you go. 12 million newly minted US residents who will likely to vote for him and his party when they become citizens. The article ends with a quote from VP of La Raza:

""It's the first time I've certainly heard, publicly, him talking more about legal immigrants," said Eric Rodriguez, vice president for research and advocacy at the National Council of La Raza (NCLR). "I think that was certainly positive progress. We were absolutely concerned about not hearing that." "

La Raza, by the way, has been accused of "Reconquista" - the right of Mexico to reclaim land in the southwestern United States. La Raza denies it. The organization now has its member in the Supreme Court.


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