Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dow Jones Average Broke 10,000 for a Split Second!


And it stayed above 10,000, EOD (end of day).

Amazing ramp-up job. Here's as close to the intraday high as I could do print-screen. (I think it went slightly higher.)

And here's how it ended the day. Tomorrow, Goldman Sachs (GS) and Citigroup (C) will report before the market open. Google (GOOG) will report after hours.

If you feel like commemorating the occasion, here's a "Dow 10000" hat from NYSE. It's version 2.0.


And it was around 1:21 PM EST. The highest for the day (so far) happened a fraction of a second after I did the screen capture, at 10,001.58.

The last time Dow was 10,000 intraday was October 7, 2008. On the closing basis, October 3, 2008 was the last day Dow closed above 10,000.

The index has since pulled back, and right now trading at 9,990, up 119 points (1.21%).


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