Friday, October 9, 2009

More on Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

The most magnanimous gesture President Obama could have given that would have won many fans (instead of derision) was to decline the Nobel Prize, saying his job, to put America on the right track (even though what is "right" is highly debatable), first and foremost, has barely started, appreciate your gesture, but no thank you, there are more worthy candidates than me.

(Unless of course the Nobel Committee was awarding the prize for his community organizing days.)

Or as some say, he hasn't killed enough yet. Here's one from's Justin Raimondo:

Bizarro Peace Prize Awarded to Obama
(Justin Raimondo, 10/9/09

"Let’s say you’re the President of the United States — okay? And you’re on the brink of escalating what promises to be a wider, more intense war than that which George W. Bush launched in Iraq. You’ve already sent in reinforcements, but you’re undecided about just how many more troops you’re going to send to Afghanistan – could be 20,000, could be 40,000, or even 60,000. But, in any case, you’ve ruled out withdrawal and diplomacy: the only option you have left is more war.

"In addition, you’re moving – slowly but surely – toward full-scale involvement in Pakistan, where your drones are daily wreaking death and destruction on innocent civilians, and destabilizing a government that is increasingly hostile to your machinations – even though you’re bribing them with billions that never reach their ostensible beneficiaries and only serve to fatten the purses of your Pakistani sock-puppets.

"On top of that, you’ve just told the Palestinians that they must live with Israeli “settlements” and forced the UN to ignore an official report detailing the killing of thousands of innocent men, women, and children by IDF forces armed by the US.

"On top of that, you’re pushing through Congress a record military spending bill that keeps the US spending more than the top 45 nations on earth combined on weapons and methods of war.
So, naturally, as a reward for all your strenuous efforts on behalf of keeping the world a place that is less safe, less stable, and less worth living in than at any time since the outbreak of World War II, you are bestowed with – yes, that’s right, the Nobel Peace Prize. This, however, isn’t just any Nobel Peace Prize – oh no It’s a Bizarro Peace Prize – the natural result of us having slipped through a crack in the space-time continuum, and landed in a world where up is down, right is left, and war is peace – Bizarro World!"

The article continues. You can read the rest by following the link to the article above.


Sam Kaufman said...

the committee that gives out Nobel Peace prizes can decide on whomever they please, so it's pretty much impossible to criticize him for winning one it

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