Saturday, October 24, 2009

OT: Microsoft's Founding Members

I found this picture in the article by Times Online (U.K.). The article is about how Bill Gate's Gates Foundation is funding "think-outside-the-box" projects by young researchers.

But the picture... "Would you have invested?" Good question.

Someone did, and many others invested in countless other start-ups cropping up in the late 1970s. Apple started back then. I personally know people who started their PC and/or software businesses around that same time period in Silicon Valley and got their businesses funded by angel investors and venture capitals. Any of them could have been a Steve Jobs or a Bill Gates, if things had turned out slightly differently.

Despite all the economic (political, social, you name it) doom and gloom, I'm hopeful, when I look at this picture, that somewhere some crazy people will start creating something new and disruptive. Just when everyone writes the U.S. off.


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