Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Martha Does Hillary - State Department Makeover

your tax money at work.

State Department Spruces Up (Patrick Gavin, 11/24/09 Politico Click)

"The State Department is not exactly the most modern of buildings. So when it comes to sprucing things up, it probably needs some help.

"As a result, it has partnered with the magazine industry to help decorate 17 rooms for the holiday season. The rooms are in the State Department's Harry S. Truman Building and Blair House, both of which are located in Washington.

"The Magazine Holiday Design Showcase is "part of an ongoing campaign to highlight the furnishings and art in both the Blair House and the State Department," according to a release.

"Better Homes and Gardens will decorate the Blair House's front and back rooms and the garden. Martha Stewart Living will focus on Blair House's dining rooms, entryway and Lee Drawing Room. Mother Earth News turns its sights on Blair House's Jackson Place Sitting Room and Jackson Place Dining Room. Mother Earth News will team up with Natural Home to work on the State Department's Adams Room. This Old House will tend to the Lincoln Room and Truman Study at Blair House. Traditional Home has been assigned the Blair House's Lee Dining Room and Lee Entrance Room."

Maybe Hillary is absorbing the cost, just like the Obamas supposedly did for the White House decoration by the same decorator who picked $87,783 area rug for John Thain.


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