Saturday, November 21, 2009

Unraveling of the Society, Faster and Faster

Fellow SKF MB member Temo1051 has a post on his blog titled "The Critical Unraveling of the U.S. Society".

Here are some pieces of anecdotal evidence of the unraveling, which seems to be accelerating with almost each passing hour.

Police: Man fatally stabbed over NYC subway seat (11/21/09 AP via Yahoo News)

As other passengers watched in horror. (Just watched?)

Bathe or Tase: Police Officer Tasers 10-Year-Old Girl Who Refused to Take Shower (11/19/09 Jonathan Turley)

And this was done at the suggestion of the girl's mother. I hope the father gets the full custody of the girl as soon as possible.

Police Shoot VA Man Suspected of Stealing Flowers (11/17/09 WHSV.COM)

David Alan Masters, 52-year old self-employed cabinetmaker and a former Green Beret, was shot dead by Fairfax county police because he allegedly refused to pull over. When he was fatally shot, he was sitting at the wheel of his SUV and he was unarmed. Police didn't report the incident until 4 days later.

Do you still believe in "change"? Do you think "change" is good?


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