Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ben Stein's New Definition of Anti-Semitism

Anyone who opposes the U.S. government's interventionist foreign policy is anti-Semitic, according to Ben Stein, who appeared in CNN's Larry King Live. He did his best to smear the word over Ron Paul, who has always opposed the U.S. government's interventionist foreign policy.

Ben Stein Says Ron Paul Uses “Anti-Semitic Arguments”
(Thomas R. Eddlem, 12/29/09 New American)

The video of the show's segment is here:

Now, if being against the U.S. government foreign policy is anti-Semitic, as Mr. Stein says, does that mean the U.S. government is ... Semitic?

(Remember also, if you are against the government's domestic policies now, you are a racist.)

Or maybe Mr. Stein doesn't know what he's talking about. The last I remember seeing him was on a video from August 2007. He was one of the merry crew ridiculing Peter Schiff's "gloomy" view that the housing bubble was about to burst and investing in the financial firms would be a disaster. He was recommending buying Merrill Lynch at $76, such a bargain for such a well-run company.

By the way, there's a Facebook page set up to demand apology from Ben Stein.


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