Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Geopolitical Zigsaw Puzzle You May Not Want to Solve

The U.S. was bombing Yemen at the express order from the U.S. president prior to the failed Christmas Day bomb attack.

The so-called Christmas Day panty bomber says there are more like him in Yemen. The Yemeni government says 300.

That bomber may have been aided by an Indian to board the plane in Amsterdam without a passport.

Another Indian was detained after the plane landed in Detroit.

A U.S. analyst contends that the American who aided the Mumbay bombing terrorists in November last year was a double agent of CIA.

Pakistan has arrested 5 Americans who allegedly tried to blow up a nuke plant in Pakistan.

The U.S. is probably fighting in the Central Asia "-stans" - Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan as Afghan refugees flee to these countries.

On the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan is threatening Armenia with war. To the north of these countries sits a U.S. ally, Georgia. To the south, Iran. North of Georgia is Russia.

Information that Iran was developing "neutron initiater" was determined by the U.S. intelligence to be a forgery concocted probably by the Israeli intelligence agency.

Israel is having the first-ever meeting of all Israeli envoys to discuss the country's options.

By the way, Yemen has been in a civil war between northern Shi'ites and southern Sunnis. In other words, it's a proxy war. (Iran is Shia. Saudi Arabia is Sunni. Mostly, that is.)

Iran is said to be getting (or trying to get) uranium from Kazakhstan.

Russia says it will develop a new set of nuclear weapons, in response to the sea-based missle shield by the U.S.. It also says it needs more weapons to deter the U.S. from doing whatever it wants in the world.

All these commotions - where are they being directed? I don't think the president of the U.S. has a clue. Vladimir Putin and Hu Jintao may.

Only 29% of Americans think the country is going in the right direction, and this newsletter writer says that's a real good sign of a prolonged bull market in the stocks.

I can't shake off the unsettling feeling that something bad and wicked is coming our way. Maybe it's just Mercury Retrograde.

There were two events which I thought would never happen in my lifetime. One was a severe stock market crash that would trigger a severe recession. The other was a world war. The first one happened.


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