Wednesday, December 2, 2009

House Panel 'Yes' On Dismantling Financial Firms

that pose a risk to the economy.

The House Financial Services Committee (chair: Barney Frank) has approved the legislation, by 31-27, that would give the government the power to dismantle financial firms that it thinks pose a risk to the economy, even if they are healthy. It will also force big financial firms to pay the fees upfront for dismantling.


By Timmy Geithner and Ben Bernanke, who didn't see anything bad coming their way? Or Barney Frank who insisted Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were sound businesses? Or Chris Dodd who was a "friend of Angelo"? Or another Presidential Task Force headed by an ex-banker supported by ex-campaign staff?

As this is part of so-called financial overhaul attempt by the government, it also contains the audit of the Federal Reserve.

Panel OKs key regulatory measure; House vote next
(12/2/09 AP via Yahoo Finance) [emphasis is mine]

"WASHINGTON (AP) -- A key House panel voted Wednesday to slap new restraints on big Wall Street institutions and to demand greater openness from the nation's central bank, clearing a significant hurdle in the drive for a sweeping financial regulations overhaul.

"Motivated by the crisis that caused a near collapse in financial markets, the House Financial Services Committee approved legislation 31-27 that would give the government the right to dismantle financial firms that pose a risk to the economy, even if they are healthy.

"The legislation also would require a detailed congressional audit of the privacy-shrouded Federal Reserve and would assess fees up front on large financial institutions to pay for the failure of their competitors.

"The action sets the stage for a full House vote next week on comprehensive regulatory changes meant as a response to the financial sector's meltdown more than a year ago. That package, set to go to the House floor on Wednesday, would include the creation of a new consumer finance protection agency, restrictions on complex financial instruments blamed for feeding last year's panic and restrictions on Wall Street compensation."

Why don't we, citizens, have the right to dismantle institutions that pose a risk to the economy? The first on my list would be the Federal Reserve, IRS next, and then dismantle the entire federal government, as the biggest risk to the economy and liberty and welfare of the citizens.

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