Monday, January 18, 2010

Massachusetts Senate Race, A Landslide?

If you look at the numbers at Intrade, it sure feels like it...

However the administration and the Democratic leaders want to spin it or downplay it, this special election is being perceived by many to be the referendum on the 1-year old administration's policies, particularly the health care so-called "reform".

Should Mr. Brown win, you can expect the vote counting process to be so slow, and certification process protracted, while the Senate frantically try to pass the health care bill, whether by 60 (interim Senator from Massachusetts is Democrat, of course) or by mere 51 using reconciliation.

What should worry for people predicting or hoping for Brown's win may be Jim Cramer, whom many retail traders and investors consider to be a counter-indicator. Mr. Cramer is hoping for a massive stock market rally resulting from Mr. Brown's win. (But then, the proverbial broken clock is right twice a day.)


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