Monday, February 22, 2010

Obama's Health Care "Reform": What's New?

a lot more tax.

The White House has released its version of the health care reform bill, which is basically the Senate version with some so-called "compromise" to bait the Republicans. The president has declared that it will be voted in, using the Senate "reconciliation" process that requires only 51 votes instead of 60, unless GOP "cooperate" (meaning they capitulate to the president's bill).

It will cost $1 trillion over 10 years, and Obama claims it won't add to the federal deficit.

He is right. Because it will be funded by TAXPAYERS, whether they like it or not (61% of voters dislike it, and think it should be scrapped). The U.S. taxpayers will be forced to fund this monstrosity that will put IRS as the enforcer, penalties for individual and companies for not having a health insurance that is deemed "appropriate" by the government, tax investment income, tax branded prescription drugs and medical devices (they disingenuously call it "annual fee"), include "Cadillac tax", the government panel to decide on insurance premiums, and much more.

Probably the definition of "reform" has changed. It may not be "making it better", but "make a change, whether it is good or bad, but change nonetheless".

I am afraid the President is either several steps behind the general public, or he is tone-deaf. When Americans were more worried about deepening recession and job loss in early 2009, he declared health care "reform" and global warming legislation to be the top priorities. When Americans grew angrier at federal budget deficit and wasteful spending by his government, he decided to throw more money on job creation. When Americans feel they are totally tapped out and no more extra money to shell out to the government, he proposes, among other things, to tax even the unearned income so the taxpayers can pay for his health care reform which is really just an insurance "reform" which is not even a reform.

And his pitch? It won't add to the federal deficit.

SO WHAT? Americans don't have money for him.


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