Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The End of the End of the End of the .....

"Endgame" or the health care "reform" itself (hopefully for the majority of Americans).

Another sarcastic entry today from Drudge Report, which was briefly banned by the Senate Sergeant at Arms for supposed "virus" attack, which coincided with the government's Cybersecurity agenda, which Obama may simply sign into law by his fiat (executive order), which is .... (you get the idea, don't you?):


TODAY: Obama pushing on health
care end game (AP)

Last year:

July 28: Healthcare endgame on
Capitol Hill (Reuters)

August 21: Analysis: Health care endgame near but
uncertain (AP)

October 14: Senate, administration begin healthcare
endgame as Dem leaders express unity (Hill)

October 25: Senators say
health care bill endgame is in sight (Politico)

October 27: End Game: So
When Will Health Care Really Happen? (TPM)

October 30: Health reform
inches closer to endgame (WaPo)

November 23: The Health Care Endgame


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