Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What's in Store for the Rest of Us after Health Care "Reform"

It just makes me sick to the stomach to see the stock market keeps going up after the passage of the health care insurance "reform" bill whose various programs will be paid for by reduced Medicare benefits, a whole bunch of new taxes for individuals and businesses on anything from tanning to prescription drugs to medical devices, and insurance premiums which are set to drastically increase (I've already seen the numbers like 40 to 50% increase). National ID cards, vastly expanded IRS power, national computerized database for everything about you including financial information (part of that was passed in the stimulus bill of February 2009, by the way), and who knows what else. They may have revived the "Q-tip tax".

All for covering, supposedly, uninsured Americans, though the number I've heard varies from 40-plus million to mere 8 million. In other words, no one knows for sure. But the government wants to extract $1 trillion from the economy anyway - that's over $3000 for every single American.

This particular government appears hell-bent to extinguish any feeble attempt by what remains of a free market economy to recover. Now that they dump this health care "reform" on the back of the productive segment of the economy, they are eyeing to cause further damage by passing the climate bill to fight the so-called "global warming" which may or may not be happening and which may not be anthropogenic at all.

As this blog reported in the past, the additional tax burden on an average family with the climate bill alone would amount to $1761, by the administration's own admission. (GOP puts the number much higher at $3000.)

CNN's latest poll shows Obama's approval rate hit the lowest. 46% approve his job performance, while 51% disapprove. But that's not all. On health care policy, 58% disapprove, and on federal deficit, 62% disapprove, according to the same CNN poll.

Alas, poll numbers mean nothing to the administration or Congress. They just keep on doing what they've been doing - to inflict pain and suffering.

After the climate bill, it will be immigration, then financial so-called "reform" which would put the Federal Reserve in charge of "protecting" the consumers (fox in a hen house is an understatement). Ducks are lining up.

Nullification, anyone?


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