Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ObamaCare the Great Equalizer

unless it gets nullified, repealed, made unconstitutional (better happen sooner than later)

From yesterday's LRC Blog post by Thomas DiLorenzo:

Doctors, Ditch Diggers, What’s the Difference?

"Some of the medical profession’s finest were apparently upset that they might have been duped by years and years of propaganda about the “need” for socialized medicine. They were never told that the inevitable price controls would apply to THEM! Where will the upcoming “brain drain” drain to?

Update: Tom B. writes: “Your title [to this blog] is very appropriate. I was born in Poland and came to the U.S. at age 2, but have many cousins and other family back there. Several of them are medical professionals (MDs, dentists) who, during the latter days of communist rule, made about $44/month while laborers made almost double that amount.”

"This of course is the point of Obamacare in particular and Obammunism in general: Redistribution and the total destruction of as many markets as possible. Obama’s “Change” means descending into the cesspool of early twentieth-century style socialism. Like all socialists, the Obammunists are obsessed with envy of the more successful."

Emphasis is mine. I might add that the success is allowed only for the President himself and his designated friends.

I hear that some of the doctors who are not in "the system" who only accept cash (or cash equivalent) payment from the patients have already doubled their consulting fee.


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