Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cartoon I Saw on Zero Hedge Says It All

The cartoon appears at the end of the article titled "The Selling Out of Germany" by Michael Krieger Of KAM LP, which appeared on 5/13/2010 on Zero Hedge. (I got to it through

In the article, Mr. Krieger says the $1 trillion bailout plan of multinational bankers just increased the likelihood of Germany leaving the EU in a few years, and that's why euro didn't respond much at all to this new stimulus.

I agree.

He also reports that "Muenze Oesterreich AG, the Austrian mint that makes the best-selling gold coin in Europe and Japan reported that buyers had purchased 243,500 ounces of gold since April 26, compared with 205,300 ounces in the entire first quarter". He says that's how Germans riot - dumping fiat paper currency and buying gold.

How about you? Got gold?


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