Sunday, May 2, 2010

OT: Immigration Is a Big Issue Now in UK General Election

Talk about the perfect execution of "foot in the mouth". UK's Prime Minister Gordon Brown seems to have brought the chance of remaining in Downing No.10 and the chance of his party to remain in power to near-zero, when he described a Labour supporter who asked Brown about immigration "just a sort of bigoted woman" into a open microphone.

Now, with the general election in 4 days, Telegraph UK reports that three voters out of four now consider immigration is a significant problem in Britain.

It is hard to believe immigration has suddenly become a problem in the UK; it is more likely that people are now more comfortable openly talking about it after Ms. Gillian Duffy breached open the taboo subject (for politicians at least) and Gordon Brown didn't realize his mic was on.

But as far as I know, all three major parties, Conservative, Labour, and Lib Dems, are pro-immigration. I am just curious who Ms. Duffy and the 75% of voters who say immigration is a problem will vote for. Ms. Duffy has said she's not going to vote at all, though.


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