Monday, July 26, 2010

AIG Bailout Money Went To These 32 Entities in These 15 Countries via Goldman Sachs

So Goldman Sachs revealed on Friday where the AIG bailout money went, upon a threat of subpoena from Senator Chuck Glasslay, Ranking Member of the Senate Finance Committee.

It was reported by MSM like USA Today and New York Times, but these articles don't tell us exactly who got the money. USA Today's article has a few well-known names like Royal Bank of Scotland and Barclays, and an unfamiliar name like DZ AG Deutsche Zantrake Genossenschaftz Bank.

But who are the other 29, and where are they located? Inquiring minds want to know.

NY Times article has a link to the site of the Senate Finance Committee, and the link to this "list" is buried in the announcement. So I went there, got the names of 32 entities who received US taxpayers' money via Goldman Sachs via AIG bailout, and looked up where they are located. I couldn't verify all of them (ones with ? marks), but you'll get the idea.

And here's the result. It is an international rescue operation. It includes big banks, re-insurers, pension funds, hedge funds or some kind of Special Purpose Companies across the world, though mostly in Europe. Most prominent are UK firms, followed by Dutch and Irish.

  1. DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentrale-Genossenschafts Bank (Germany)
  2. Banco Santander Central Hispano SA (Spain)
  3. Rabobank Nederland-London Branch (The Netherlands)
  4. ZurcherKantonalbank (Switzerland)
  5. Dexia Bank S.A (Belgium)
  6. BGI INV FDS GSI AG (??? AG indicates Germany)
  7. Calyon-Cedex Branch (Credit Agricole, France)
  8. The Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation (Hong Kong)
  9. Depfa Bank Plc (Ireland)
  10. Skandinaviska Enskilda Bankensweden (Sweden)
  11. Sierra finance plc (?? plc indicates UK)
  12. PGGM Pensioenfonds (The Netherlands)
  13. Natixis (France)
  14. Zulma finance plc (?? UK)
  15. Stoneheath Re CRDV G (?? Many small re-insurers are headquartered in Cayman Islands)
  16. Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan (Canada)
  17. Venice finance plc (?? UK)
  18. KBC Asset Management NVD Star Finance (Ireland)
  19. MNGD Pension Funds LTD (Managed Pension Funds Limited, a member of State Street Groups, US)
  20. Shackleton Re Limited (?? Another re-insurer in Cayman Islands?)
  21. Infinity finance plc (UK)
  22. Legal & General Assurance (UK)
  23. Barclays Bank PLC (UK)
  24. GSAM Credit CDO LTD (Looks like a Goldman Sachs SIV in UK.)
  25. Signum Platinum (Cayman Islands)
  26. Lion Capital Global Credit I LTD (?? Singapore??)
  27. Kommunalkredit Int Bank (Cyprus)
  28. Credit Linked Notes LTD (?? Credit linked note is A security with an embedded credit default swap allowing the issuer to transfer a specific credit risk to credit investors. This must be some kind of SIV set up by SPC (Special Purpose Company). Maybe another Goldman thing.)
  29. Ocelot CDO I PLC (Ireland. Issuer of Credit linked notes, affiliation unknown – there is a mention of Calyon in their press release. Calyon changed its name to Credit Agricole, a French bank)
  30. Hoogovens PSF ST (?? Name is Dutch.)
  31. Hypo Public Finance Bank (Ireland)
  32. The Royal Bank of Scotland (UK)

So Goldman sent money to its London operation (No. 24)...


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