Wednesday, July 21, 2010

FinReg Promo Video from White House - It's Gotta Be a Joke, Right? Right?

Just saw this on Yahoo Finance. I hope it's a joke, I hope it was taken from the Onion Network.

If my hope proves to be totally unfounded, this video is supposed to have been produced by the Obama White House to sell the disgusting FinReg to us 'small people'. (Goebbels would be proud.)

Since it is so inane and basically only says "bad banksters caused all this", I have a sinking feeling that this was indeed produced by the economics-illiterate Obama White House.

It actually makes me angry, not so much at the "banksters" but at the Congress and this administration and the past two ones. And the Federal Reserve. (And I hate such an inate piano music.)

Obama is scheduled to sign this piece of you know what into law on 11:30AM EST on Wednesday.


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