Sunday, July 11, 2010

OT: "Cardinal Climax" and Stock Market

Since I wrote several posts on the Mercury Retrograde and the stock market performance, I thought it only fair to mention another cosmic/astrological event that may, for some unknowable reason or another, severely and adversely affect the stock market and the world in general in coming weeks.

I'm not saying I believe this; I learned about it only yesterday. I'm simply passing the information on, for what it's worth. You can read about it in the link below.

Rare “Cardinal Climax” Planetary Alignment This Summer Puts Stocks at Risk, says Veteran Sky Watcher (Hewitt Heiserman, 3/31/2010 Seeking Alpha)

"This summer the planets form a rare “Cardinal Climax” alignment, which puts financial markets at risk, says Arch Crawford. Publisher of Crawford Perspectives since 1977, the veteran sky watcher uses a mix of technical analysis and astrology to gauge which way equities and other asset classes are headed. To learn more about this unorthodox investment process, I recently spoke to Mr. Crawford about some of his best calls, what day the Cardinal Climax strikes, and how to prepare for the turmoil he expects. Here is an edited version of our conversation.

"We want to talk about the upcoming Cardinal Climax, which you say puts stocks—and perhaps humanity—in jeopardy. But first, explain to Seeking Alpha readers how you invest?

[The following paragraphs are comments from Mr. Crawford. Emphasis is mine.]

"Certain planetary alignments put people under extra stress. And one way this stress manifests itself is in financial markets. After all, financial markets are a mix of fundamentals and emotion. Since astrologic events affect our emotions, I find it profitable to study the planets."

"It is common knowledge that when there is a full moon, there are more car accidents and other forms of aggressive behavior. Since financial markets partly reflect our hopes and fears, these markets are prone to mood swings. If you can anticipate these mood swings, you gain an edge over investors who focus solely on interest rates, growth forecasts, debt loads, and other traditional yardsticks."

"I have examined every substantial move in the Dow Jones Industrial Average since 1896, and I find that when planets are at difficult angles, then owning stocks and commodities is riskier."

"When two planets form a 45-, 90-, 135-, or 180-degree angle, with earth as the midpoint between the two planets."

"I once did a study of the worst days in the stock market. Two-thirds of those days occurred in one-third of the calendar year, centered on the Fall Equinox, around Sept. 22-23. Maybe there is a symmetry that governs the universe that we haven’t yet figured out."

Then, Mr. Crawford cites specific incidents - stock market crashes, natural/man-made disasters - that he was able to predict using his astrological analysis.

So when is exactly this Cardinal Climax going to happen?

"On August 1, give or take a week, we’ll have the most five-planet alignments in perhaps thousands of years. Known as the “Cardinal Climax,” this is the meanest, nastiest, most challenging and most transformational of any planetary phenomena in all of written history!

This [Cardinal Climax natal chart; you can view it at Seeking Alpha link above] is the view of the planets from New York City on Aug. 1, at 6am. We have the most planets in the tightest alignments and at the supposedly 'sensitive' Zero degrees of Cardinal signs. It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

"I looked at records going back to the 1800’s, and this is the most difficult alignment I found. When I was at a conference in Boston last month, someone said this was the most difficult alignment they have seen in the last "1,000 years." Another person told me this is the worst alignment in "10,000 years."

"Worst cases include a nuclear accident. Nuclear war. Massive societal collapse. Maybe a pole flip, which can wipe out nearly everything.

"Cardinal Climax is especially intimidating because of the proximity to the widely touted Mayan Calendar End Date. Plus, the Christians are looking for the Return of Jesus and/or the Rapture, the Muslims await the return of the umteenth Imam, the White Buffalo has been born, and Jews are fighting over the right to rebuild Solomon's Temple on the 'temple mount' in Jerusalem. These are all signs of “end times” by many different cultures."

He says if Cardinal Climax manifests itself in the stock market, the market crash will be global. He also says picking the right investment vehicles for the occasion will be the least of your worries.

Now you know. Again, I am not promoting this idea. I'm just linking. But his comment (the last one I quoted above) that the end of the world as we know it may come as the result of great number of people looking for the sign of the end times is intriguing. Self-fulfilling prophecy, in a way.

In heaven, as on earth? Or on earth, as in heaven?


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