Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alex Jones Interviewed Jonathan Irish

and it is just sickening.

Mr. Irish's infant daughter was snatched by the child protection services from Concord Hospital in New Hampshire.

He called in the Alex Jones show tonight.

He said he and his fiancee were finally allowed to visit their baby with the CPS employee present. The baby was non-responsive. They thought, oh maybe she needs a diaper change, and proceeded to change her diaper. What they found was blood. The baby was bleeding from the vagina. Sheriff deputies were called in. They took the baby to a hospital.

The emergency room doctor told them to take the baby to a child abuse specialist doctor.


Anonymous said...

This story makes me sick to my stomach.... How can we allow our 'rulers' to abuse a tiny.... 6 day old child, and not take to the streets demanding the guilty parties be held accountable, I'll never know. I guess the TV shows are new and exciting, so child abductions and blatnat abuse isn't as important as Surviving Celebrity Dancing Idols, or whatever such BS is passing for entertainment (distractions) nowadays.

I'm not the praying type- I usually don't ask for anything.... But, if there is a God above, please help this family out of this mess, and uncover the deepest pit of hell to throw the abusers into.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

We may need to learn from the French, how to raise hell on the streets.

They (the government) use the CPS to target people with "undesirable" views, which don't need to be political at all.

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