Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TSA Outdoing Nazis

Goebbels would be so proud!

From Butler Shaffer at LRC Blog today [Emphasis is mine]:

Lew—So, all that it takes to legitimize its atrocities is for the state to have a website on which it describes its procedures! We are no longer to be concerned with the substance of governmental action, but only whether due process was followed. Adolf Hitler might have salvaged his reputation had he thought of this loophole. Imagine the following conversation to have taken place in Germany in the 1930s:
Mr. Goldberg: Where are you taking me?

SS Officer: Ve vill take you to the train station, vhere you vill be loaded onto a boxcar and taken to a special camp. Vhen you arrive at the camp, you vill have a serial number tattooed on your arm, be given a striped uniform to wear, and housed in some special barracks.

Mr. Goldberg: But you are depriving me of my fundamental human rights; what you are doing is morally wrong.

SS Officer: Ve are doing nothing wrong. These procedures are spelled out on our vebsite; you can check them for yourself!

That's literally what TSA is saying, that the procedure is spelled out on their website.

By the way, TSA has come out swinging, vowing to go after John Tyner who refused to be sexually assaulted at the airport with $11,000 fine and criminal charges.

TSA also says that the moment we buy airline tickets, we surrender a great chunk of our rights. I'm sure that is spelled out perfectly at their website.

Now, why would TSA take this line, which looks like a PR disaster to say the least? Why are they so tone-deaf?

Oh I get it.... It's because the order comes from our tone-deaf Prez, who is now going to Europe this week to seek more adoring crowd. Just like the health care "reform", he is exempt from body scans and intrusive patdowns.

We are being forced to live in Obama's paranoia and ineptitude, just as we were forced to live in the paranoia and ineptitude of Bush the Lesser for 8 long years.


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