Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Did You Know That House Passed DREAM Act Today?

while we were distracted with fireworks like:

TSA "love pats" and naked scanner scandals
Federal Reserve bailout details
FBI raiding hedge funds for insider trading

The bill, a pet project of progressive Dems for nearly a decade, will allow illegal aliens (read Hispanics) to remain permanently and legally in the US.

The Hill reports:

House lawmakers on Wednesday passed legislation allowing illegal immigrant students to remain permanently and legally in the United States.

The DREAM Act — a top priority of Democrats in both Congress and the White House — was approved by a tally of 216 to 198. Eight Republicans crossed the aisle to vote in favor of the bill, while 38 Democrats voted against it.

The bill now moves to the Senate, which is expected to take up the measure Thursday morning. The proposal's success is much less likely in the upper chamber, where a GOP filibuster will require 60 votes for passage. The Senate shot down a similar measure in 2007, and most of the opponents at the time haven't changed their positions over the last three years.

First introduced in 2001, the House legislation extends conditional legal status for five years to those illegal aliens who:

• Were younger than 16 when they entered the country

• Have lived in the U.S. for at least five years

• Have a degree from a U.S. high school, or the equivalent

Beneficiaries can apply for an additional five years of conditional nonimmigrant status if they've completed at least two years of higher education or military service. Afterward, they could apply for permanent legal status.

In the Senate, Harry is ready with not just one but FOUR versions of the bill, S.3827, S.3962, S.3963, and S.3992 , and the Senate will vote on Thursday 11:00AM. I wonder which one, though.

I wonder why illegal Hispanics would want to become permanent residents. They can and do receive government subsidies and benefits as "undocumented immigrants". Permanent residents, on the other hand, cannot receive such taxpayer-funded benefits, although it is possible, even probable, that there are many loopholes for the "minority" permanent residents to continue to receive government subsidies.

This is just ridiculous, pushing the major bills like this during the lame-duck session, with Congressmen and Senators who lost in the November election voting on the bill that will gravely affect Americans.

Let me guess... Congress will pass the climate bill to fight global warming and Obama will sign the bill on Christmas Eve, on his way to another Hawaiian vacation.


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