Thursday, January 13, 2011

Obama Turns Arizona Massacre into His Campaign Event

When George W. Bush did his "Mission Accomplished" stunt back in May of 2003, I thought it was stupid and premature. When I heard about Barack Obama's speech in Arizona, I felt disgusted and insulted.

The families and friends of the victims were there, and there are people still being treated at the hospital and in grave conditions. And this permanent campaigner (he's not good at anything else but spending money) turns what should have been a sober occasion into his campaign stop for re-election, with whoops and hollers, replete with a freshly designed logo and matching blue T-shirts for the attendees.

And Obama told the audience that "Gabby opened her eyes" right after he visited her.

What's next, O Savior? Walk on water? Change water into wine?

Oh, BTW, the speech "won nearly universal praise from leading political pundits and writers" (as if that's what counts), according to a writer on Yahoo News Blog. You sure don't get that warm feeling reading the readers' comments, no matter how the Obama supporters try to kill a negative comment by clicking on the "thumb down" icon.


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