Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ben "Bernank" Hearing on Capitol Hill

The Fed chairman Ben Shalom "Bernank" is on Capitol Hill for his first meeting with the lawmakers this year, in the GOP-majority House. The House Budget Committee has Ben to talk about inflation, and Ron Paul's subcommittee discusses the Fed's role in job disappearance and rising unemployment.

PDs dutifully taking down the US stock indices to create angst among bullish pundits and analysts so that they start screaming "Don't harm the Fed! Ben's been doing the exemplary job!" Dow is currently (3PM EST) down whopping ... 32 points.

That's big, you know. The 1st down day in the last 8 days...

Speaking of Ben's job creation skills, here's a chart from Zero Hedge. He sure created part-time workers...


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