Saturday, May 21, 2011

#Fukushima Blame Game: "I Didn't Say That," Says Madarame about Recriticality

His assessment that seawater might cause recriticality in the Reactor 1 was what supposedly prompted Prime Minister Kan to order TEPCO to halt the seawater injection on the night of March 12, as I reported in my post yesterday.

Now, Madarame, the head of the Nuclear Safety Commission and ex-Tokyo University Professor, says "I didn't say that."

I'm sure that's the case, Mr. Madarame. Just like the comment you say you didn't make, that the 20 millisieverts/year radiation for school children is acceptable, or your current position that you knew from the beginning that it was a core meltdown and told the government so.

Asahi Shinbun (5/21/2011):


Responding to the press conference earlier by the government/TEPCO consolidated headquarters to deal with Fukushima I Nuke Plant accident, Haruki Madarame, chief commissioner of the Nuclear Safety Agency told Asahi Shinbun on the evening of May 21 that he "didn't say there was a risk of recriticality. I feel insulted."


The announcement distributed at the press conference regarding the timeline of the seawater injection said "Chief commissioner of the Nuclear Safety Commission was of the opinion that "there was a danger of recriticality"." But Madarame said, "That announcement was made by TEPCO, the Prime Minister's Office, and NISA. We will protest as the Nuclear Safety Commission."


The Nuclear Safety Commission's secretary Shigeharu Kato was present at the press conference, but he didn't deny the remark allegedly made by Madarame.

Haruki Madarame is increasingly known in Japan among nuclear critics and opponents as "Detarame" Haruki, which rhymes nicely with his family name Madarame. "Detarame" in Japanese means "outrageous nonsense, lie, falsehood".


Anonymous said...

Robbie sez:

Detarame: "Wahh! The liars called me a liar I feel insulted"..... "I never said I felt insulted and I never said, "I never said"".

"We will protest as the Nuclear Nincompoop Comission and wear funny hats until someone apologizes"

They should make all these old farts put in their 250mSv at Fukushima for whining. Heck, to show us just how safe radiation is these guys should ask.... nay, demand to be exposed to 500 mSv or more before they are even allowed to speak about it. They should eat nuclear veggies while they mop up the mess that they "never" could have conceived happening. Their grand-kids could chip in since they are allowed a normal nuclear workers annual 20mSv dose.

You'd think "Detarame" would be a willing nuclear "jumper" who would be leading the way in his custom tailored Tungsten vest and trousers where robots feared to tread to get a handle on the situation. I mean he is the "Head" of the nuclear Safety Commission after all. Instead he'll hide behind his desk and sulk about well deserved insults.

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