Saturday, May 14, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant Reactor 1 Bldg: 2,000 Millisieverts/Hr at Southeast Double Door, 3,000 Tons of Water in the Basement

1,000 millisieverts/hour on the 2nd floor was bad enough. And this was supposed to be the reactor that was well on its way to stable cold shutdown.

From Yomiuri Shinbun and Asahi Shinbun, on 5/15/2011 (in Japanese):

2,000 millisieverts, or 2 sieverts, per hour radiation was detected inside the southeast double door of the Reactor 1 reactor building. Measurement was done by a remote-controlled robot on May 13. The location is where the pipe is that goes into the Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV).

3,000 tons of contaminated water probably leaked from the RPV and the Containment Vessel was found in the basement of the reactor building (where the Suppression Chamber is). TEPCO suspects the water is leaking from the seams of the pipes that connects the Containment Vessel body and the torus-shaped Suppression Chamber.

Now, TEPCO's new plan is to circulate the contaminated water in the basement back into the RPV to cool the RPV.

Well, it was all farce, then; that TEPCO installed the air filtering system and claimed that the radioactive materials inside the Reactor 1 reactor building got safe enough (they were saying a few millisieverts to 10s of millisieverts/hour) for the workers to go in and start working.

Unless the "new normal" for Fukushima I Nuke Plant is to count the radiation in sieverts.

The so-called "water entombment" is officially dead now. TEPCO has poured over 10,000 tons of water inside the RPV. Now they say they've found 3,000 tons of it. Where's the rest, 7,000 tons?


Anonymous said...

In the Pacific Ocean - which is tragic for Japan as well as for all of us.

Anonymous from Hungary

Anonymous said...

Actually - it will be higher.
Their detectors will be overloading, and not recording real measurements.
Also, the neutron dose will probably be in the 10 Sv per hour range.

What your readers need to understand, is that in fission, roughly equal quantities of neutrons and gammas are produced ... along with decay series isotopes.
They are not measuring the neutron component.

Shadowfax said...

They would have to build a new pipe/pump system to handle highly radioactive water...that will just spread the radiation over a wider area in the plant as they pipe that crap around...They cant even get into the building to take measurements much less do any work. They are shooting complete B.S..
No way they can do this.complete and utter B.S.

Anonymous said...

I think you are misunderstanding the data. Please check out the graphic from Tokyo Shinbun's front page.

It shows the various readings taken from the inside of unit 1. They can indeed get inside unit 1. They cannot stay for long (more than a minute or two, really) near the south-east side, but other parts of the building are much lower in radiation. I would be surprised if there were any fission still happening anywhere at the plant. I think a lot of people would be surprised as well.

Alex Smith said...

Are you interested in doing an English language radio interview?

Please contact Alex Smith

Anonymous said...

Is there a possible fix? Nuke the whole mess so the fuel all burns up a once?

Anonymous said...

Japan has a very bright future.

Anonymous said...

It is shocking what is not being said here. Reactor 4 is so badly damaged it is falling over, yet it was completely out of service and defueled. An explosion at 4 would be impossible, unless explosives had been brought in. Unit 4 is to Fukushima what building 7 was on 911. Unit 4 is building 7.

A great writeup was done by a journalist named Jim Stone, who got classified photos of Fukushima that prove all the stories, and I mean ALL are lies. It is MUCH worse than we have been told. He is a freelance writer, his website is jimstonefreelance, and it is a com. I suggest you check it out!

Anonymous said...

Can we all just stop with this radiation nonsense?

They haven't said anything about it on American Idol or Dancing With The Stars and they know everything.

So stop trying to 'wake me up'!

I'm quite content with being brain dead and enjoy my role as an American sheeple.


Anonymous said...

The explosion at #4 was the result of hydrogen buildup caused by water vapor reacting with the exposed zircalloy cladding of the fuel in the storage pool (the pool which boiled dry after the power got shutoff). The zionist conspiracy theory that jimstone and other wingnuts espouse is disgraceful. There are real problems in Fukushima, and they become minimized when we try to blame them on a conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

Since beginning it was clear that only possibility is to put sand in an on that whole bullshit.
Cooling something destroyed is just no option.
So put sand on it to stop chain reaction then cover with concrete - for sure there is no other way.
Normaly if you make a machine you test the worst case and the appropriate measures to take when this case happens.

Anonymous said...

Too bad this couldn't have been Israel's illegal reactor.

Anonymous said...

As a user of the ocean and air, I am becoming increasingly frustrated that the Japanese are handling this as though this is no big deal. The world expects them to be using every resource available to them as a nation. Every dollar, expert and man...including sending their military in as helpers...and yes I know this means that they will die. If they don't beging to do this soon, the world is going to do it for them. China, for example, could get this done.

Anonymous said...

*They can indeed get inside unit 1. They cannot stay for long (more than a minute or two, really) near the south-east side, but other parts of the building are much lower in radiation.*

How do you know?

Anonymous said...

The ANonymous poster who said above:

"Actually - it will be higher. Their detectors will be overloading, and not recording real measurements."

"What your readers need to understand...They are not measuring the neutron component."

This person has no idea what they are talking about. A Geiger-Muller tube will detect *any* energetic particle, including neutrons. You don't have to imagine some fantasy where the true radiation count is higher. This is the true count and it's too high!

So when are we going to see people sue General Electric for their incredibly flawed reactor design? Before we go blaming the Japanese, maybe we should remember that it's an American designed, American built reactor that an American corporation sold to the Japanese in the 70s and guaranteed that it would be safe.

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

Dr. Science you are wrong!

@ Anon 9:07 you are very wrong about a regular Geiger counter being able to properly detect neutrons. I happen to own a scintillation neutron detector. Neutrons do not usually cause ionization without a proper medium and fast neutrons are even harder to detect than thermal.

Here is a list of Neutron detectors you'll notice they don't list Geiger counters because your detector needs a neutron capture medium in order to properly quantify neutron flux.

"The common means of detecting a charged particle by looking for a track of ionization (such as in a cloud chamber) does not work for neutrons directly. Neutrons that elastically scatter off atoms can create an ionization track that is detectable, but the experiments are not as simple to carry out; other means for detecting neutrons, consisting of allowing them to interact with atomic nuclei, are more commonly used. The commonly used methods to detect neutrons can therefore be categorized according to the nuclear processes relied upon, mainly neutron capture or elastic scattering. A good discussion on neutron detection is found in chapter 14 of the book Radiation Detection and Measurement by Glenn F. Knoll (John Wiley & Sons, 1979)."

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