Saturday, November 5, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Video of Packbot Cleaning Reactor 3's 1st Floor in Extremely High Radiation

Why? Because TEPCO is going to send carbon-based workers to install the gas management system to purify the gas coming from inside the Containment Vessel.

Utterly meaningless endeavor as far as I am concerned. What good would cleaning the gas in the Containment Vessel do, when just outside the CV you measure 620 millisieverts/hr radiation? Something more deadlier than xenon and krypton is outside the CV, and the company is willing to risk both non-carbon based worker (Packbot) and carbon-based co-workers in order to keep up the appearance that everything is under control at the plant.

Nonetheless, here's the effort by Packbot on November 2, when it removed the junk out of the way, as released by TEPCO on November 5. Actually, TEPCO used 3 Packbots on November 2 and 3 for the work, according to Jiji Tsushin (11/5/2011):

You can also see the "before and after" photos in TEPCO's handout for the press on November 5. From that handout, here's the radiation on the 1st floor where Packbot had to work to prepare for the gas management system (north-east corner of the 1st floor):

For human co-workers of Packbot, working near that 620 millisieverts/hour location (which is unavoidable) for one minute would get them over 10 millisieverts radiation, or every one second 172 microsieverts.

Any volunteers? (Dr. Allison of Oxford University, maybe?)


Anonymous said...

Were they able to associate that 620 spot with a specific object?

Would be good if they'd identify the nuclide that matches the energy levels.

Maju said...

It's what I have been saying since the accident: let the pro-nuclears volunteer (force-volunteer if need be) for liquidators. Not enough considering the trouble they have gotten us into but what less?!

Anonymous said...

god help us all

Anonymous said...

I wonder if all the "blink" (the many luminous dots that appear at about 6 min and after) are from the radioactivity? anyone have an idea ? it remain me some videos and photos taken at Chernobyl, but it was film, and not electronicals captors.

Anonymous said...

>> but it was film, and not electronicals captors.

Semiconductors are also affected, same effect. A CCD shows shot noise when subjected to radiation, especially visible in low-light condition (in sunlight the contrast of these will be much reduced)

Anonymous said...

Might be due to the dust the robot is kicking up? Dangerous dust if that is the case..

Just curious, the "clean up" looks very clean for a robot job. Sure hope no carbon based humans were sent in to make sure everything was "spotless"....

Anonymous said...

they should name the packbots Pluto-san,Denko-shen & Cosmo-san!!Or Moe,Curly & Larry...what a wasted effort & stress on those robots that may be needed later for some game-changing task!-Oh wait,I forgot about all the poor Hibkusha they can throw into the mosh pit now that it's clean enough to invite company over for a snack & a refreshing glass of sparkling Fukushima Springs water~as seen on TV promoted by Sonada...idiots

DD said...

In response to "a refreshing glass of sparkling Fukushima Springs water~as seen on TV promoted by Sonada...idiots" from Anonymous:

Yes, the sense of anger, born of frustrated compassion, is by far the most frequent response to the unfolding news from the fuxu-calamity;

I have given up looking for courage and honesty from the management of this situation. Common sense? Heuristics? Them neither.

Why is the phrase "kamikaze" nudging at the edge of one's consciousness? - no, just checked it out, "banzai" seems a bit more appropriate.

DD said...

Just checking the video.

The movement of the camera seems to me very carbon like. Waving around is more like a human held camera than a robot held one. Movement of a camera held by a robot would I think be more linear, constant speed and direction followed by stops to change direction.

I could imagine a robot tool being moved by hand operated electronic sensors but to me this seems unlikely as the robots have too many controls for this to be feasible - you need to change hands, or gloves, to change the sensor.


Anonymous said...

"A high-tech body-brace machine called a "robot suit" may be used to help workers at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant move around more easily while wearing heavy protective gear.
Those entering the plant have to wear protective gear against radiation that weighs some 15 kilograms."

Atomfritz said...

I don't understand why the robots use only one measurement instrument. If they'd use at least two, the second one maybe in a height of 20 cm, then it would be way easier to map the radiation situation.

Or, maybe the true radiation at close distance to the trash/the floor is so high that they don't dare to measure?

At least the nice radiation distortion, always visible when the camera turns to the garbage/to the reactor (from 7:32 on) induces real S.T.A.L.K.E.R. feelings :)

Instructed via a simple mock-up, two carbon-based robots would probably have done the whole cleanup in a few minutes, taking up probably less than 20 millisievert.

Maybe the emperor could do something useful and volunteer for some cleanup, saving some packbots, and debunk all these baseless rumors about radioactive danger by showing that he survived? :)

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@Atomfritz, Before the emperor or anybody, the entire cabinet members of the former and current administrations and all the upper management at TEPCO should go in first.

Radiation on the floor... I remember seeing TEPCO carbon workers quickly swiping the floor to collect dust samples when they entered, several months ago. The analysis, if TEPCO did it, hasn't been released. Plutonium, anyone? (That's what the workers are worried about, I hear.)

DD said...

Further to my [unwarranted?] suspicions that the silicon robots were accompanined by a carbon robot, mentioned earlier due to the camera- waving- around movements rather similar to my own efforts at handheld video: Please check the video from 7:32 to 7:38.

That is part of a human hand - one finger, then two?

I think, if I am right about this, then what do we think?

I am reposting this link to enenews. I trust that this is acceptable. Posted under

which might just have some implications for us as witnesses.

Thanks, ex-SKF.

Maju said...

You are right, DD. At first I thought those fingers showed up because (somehow) it was a filming of a computer screen and someone was pointing at on it.

I was wrong: that camera is obviously managed by a person who is obviously risking his/her life.

Guess that my mind could not accept easily that a person was working just by the robot and in the midst of so many radioactive "sparks" so I imagined a comforting explanation.

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kalpana said...
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