Thursday, December 29, 2011

OT: Sciatic Nerve Pain Remedy Anyone?

It's been the worst days of my entire life, the past 5 days. I'm still very gingerly moving, and my back is getting extremely stiff again.

Does anyone have good remedy - exercise, herbal, traditional, conventional, anything - that works to reduce the pain and prevent the pain from occurring again?

The best cure would be that I stop sitting in front of the PC for so many hours every single day for over 9 straight months trying to write bilingual blogs on Fukushima, but I'd take the second best.

Thank you for your readership and support since March!


Anonymous said...

I swear by Iyengar Yoga for all physical ailments, but that's a long-term method...

Anonymous said...

Heat. Lots of it. Hot water bottles/kairo around your legs and lower back. I have the same problem now and again, and that's what works for me. Also, I use medicated plasters (the sort you can only get from the doctor in Japan, not the OTC ones), and they help quite a lot too. Heat seems to work best, though, with some gentle stretching once the muscles relax a bit.

It always takes time, though.

I've also taken up Pilates, and that seems to be reducing the problem when it does happen. I'm hoping it will eventually eliminate it, but I'm not counting on it (mainly because I don't do it enough). Stronger stomach muscles help your back.

You have my sympathy. It's a nasty problem and not easy.

Unknown said...

There's a couple of things you can start doing, but it will entail some changes to your lifestyle. This is because you need to first fix the current problem, and then adopt some physical health routines to stop it re-occuring.

Current problem analysis:
If you are in Tokyo I'd highly recommend Shiokawa-san at for a full check and immediate advice/care.

Daily Preventative Care:

1. "The best cure would be that I stop sitting in front of the PC for so many hours"

No, you just need to change the way you work.
You need to install some work break software with exercises. PC: (free) Mac: (paid)
Suggest about a 40 min work period with 4-5 min exercise break, with micro breaks ever 10 min of ~20 secs.

2. If you have an iOS device I highly recommend This is a very simple set of 3 Tai chi exercises you can adopt as a daily practice to do when you get up in the morning and other times if you wish. Not hard to learn (must listen to the videos!) and a great practice to adopt as the basis for more Tai Chi/Chi Gung.

3. Handytrim is a great low cost back exerciser you can use in your work breaks. Get the make version, assuming you are male!. I buy replacement chord at Tokyu Hands, but they give you three to start with.

I have one other suggestion, but will leave that aside for the moment. Let me know how you get one! Best of luck.

Stock said...

Hot soak in tub, heavy in Epsom salt.

Beef up the stomach muscles, and consider some chiro to help stretch. Also I have found that acupuncture will provide some relief.

Anonymous said...

Please give us more details about the pain, the history of the pain (began years ago and returns with what frequency, what did you do, did you have some accident, did you sleep wrong, move something wrong?).

I studied anatomy and have used exercise, sitting positions and sleeping positions along with careful habits about moving, walking, shoes and other things to keep my back from hurting. Please tell us a little more about the history.

Don't do drugs - not the bad ones.

I feel that proper exercise will fix you. Stretch. Stretch. Stretch. Careful movements to achieve a good stretch.

Change your work station. Get a music stand, a nice metal one that is sturdy, and use it for a working surface for your computer. You can move it to different rooms very easily. Frequently change between a standing and seated position to work on your computer.

Because you are hurting so much now this is a good time to learn to be careful with all of your movements. So when you stretch, even when you are feeling much better, always move with gentle and controlled motions. Stretch throughout the day and night.

Badaunt said...

Oh, and if you have a heater that gives direct heat (gas flame, electric, infrared) then an effective way to reduce the pain is to sit in front of it with your lower back bared and the heat directly aimed at the bare part. Do that for as long as you can stand it.

Not a cure, but in my experience it works to reduce the pain and speed recovery.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the posts. But, health should still come first! I hope you will get well soon.

Regular exercise and stretching is probably your best bet. Perseverance is key as I find myself only stretching when there is pain. Obviously, that won't cure anything.

Henry said...

Find a good woman/man to give you a nice massage. Don't give up this blog. We need you more than ever now that the "accident" is officially history. Keep up the good work. Best wishes for 2012.

Mauibrad said...

Is it only on one side? If so, three yoga poses will help. Those would be pigeon pose on both sides, but esp. with the leg crossed on the side that hurts; also updog pose; and compensated with child's pose For all of these poses keep breathing into the pain and calmly maintain each pose for at least a minute maybe more. You could repeat these and go through them for 15 to 20 minutes a number of times a day.

Those should help, if not, go to a Chiropractor and have them do a Sacro-Illiac adjustment on you, the one where you are on your side, both sides.

Keep up the above three yoga poses even when the temporary pain goes away. Walking for at least an hour a day will help to, esp. up a steep incline; walking up a steep incline can bring your sacro-illiac joints back into alignment too.

Anonymous said...

onsen, for soaking both body and soul. i am in tokyo (for many years!) and happy to send you very good onsen-ish products that you can use at home. It's the least I can do to thank you for the extraordinary work. Pls. pop me a note at aloft-at-mac-dot-com and then delete this post. cheers.

Mauibrad said...

BTW, what's causing your Sciatic pain is most likely a spasmed Psoas, Illiacus, and/or Piriformis muscles. At the same time, your Sacro-Illiac joint could be out of alignment, either side. The above yoga poses I gave you are specifically recommended poses to deal with and remedy this.

The sciatic pain could also be coming from a bulging disc between two lumbar vertebrae. Unless you have had a back injury, that is less likely. The updog yoga pose would not help you if you have had a back injury and this is a bulging disc. Also, a Chiropractor's Sacro-Illiac adjustment also might not help you if you know you have a bulging disc.

Anonymous said...

hum..have the same issues for years. What I have done is careful stretching. IF it hurts..dont do it--any exercise that irritated that back area..will make you very unhappy. Try a slight exercise to slightly move the SI joint-it that is an area of discomfort. Lay flat on back, knees flexed..and slight push your knee forward, a slight rock. Do both sides 10 to 15 times to ease the joint area.

Sit correctly, at all times at the PC. Dont slump. If necessary get voice software like Dragon Speaking to spell your sitting times. The worse thing you can do is sit for long hours.

Now the reason your back hurts now..your life is different, bed is flew a long distance sitting/getting pounded, and flying a long way which can cause fluid retention. You are eating different foods..and bet a bit of salt in it (well it does taste good!). Watch the salt intake, drink lots of spring water and be sure to take Vitamin D3 tablets to protect your bones (Fukushima radiation has kept people inside out of sun..Vit D is going to be low and bones hurt if its low...). So careful exercise, watch salt intake, Vit D3 (I take 5000 units over the counter Vit D3 on Doctors orders to protect bones) you take the recommended dose on the over the counter bottle..not high dose. Keep a good posture and don't sit for hours..or if you have to get up and stretch and reposition. You can try an anti-inflamatory like naprosen sodium or an NASID, just until you feel better. Take any tablets on a full stomach. Nothing here is ground breaking ideas, just common sense..if Sciatic nerve hurts..and is try to get the swelling down..Thats what I try first..then try the living changes to work positions at the PC.

So there you go..
Its worked for me for years..but you are considerably take care of yourself..those backs and bones have to last.
One last comment..what dose of radiation have you gotten? Flu like aches?...stay safe for us all. WE do care!

Anonymous said...

Accupuncture. It worked for me.

Nancy said...

I have been through this for the exact same reasons, too many hours in a desk chair.

Get the pain & inflammation under control:
heat pads or a flax heat bag and use it lots throughout the day.
Salon Pas patches are OTC and can help lower some of the swelling & pain.
I use Flector patches, they are prescription in the US but much better than taking NSAID pills or lots of pain pills. They also make one called Lidoderm that is lidocaine in patch form that can lower the pain levels without having to take pain pills.

A chiropractor would be able to adjust the SI joint if it is out of line, that frequently causes sciatica. They also have heating and electro stimulation tools that can stop the muscle spasms.

The yoga exercises mentioned above are what my doctor gave me to help stretch and relax the related muscles.

Look at your desk chair and set up. Your chair may be inadequate or improperly adjusted. Even subtle things over time can strain your back or your posture leading to problems. There are lots of online resources about desk ergonomics. I ended up ditching my desk in favor of a laptop and the sofa. It didn't put the constant strain on my back. I have a standing height desk and a drafting chair in my office now if I really need to use a desk.

Unknown said...

Acupuncture will NOT work in the case of a skeletal misalignment that has caused muscle spasms and locking, and is continuing to do so.

You need to first analyse the root causeof your health issue (see a chiropracter who takes xrays - as I suggest in my #3 post above ) and then if possible realign the affected parts over a series of sessions, and then adopt a preventative exercise regime that suits your mentality/lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

I have it on both sides, I was at the point I could not walk, sit stand or even sleep without pain.
I finally found Nerve Pain Plus. After building it up in my system I no longer have pain at all. I can sleep the whole night and do things I have not been able to do for years.
I am pain free. If you need a quick fix I would go to a chiropractor.
You can order Nerve Pain Plus from

feel better

Ivan said...

Black pepper infused vodka body rub is working pretty good. :-) also drinking some until pain goes away. After pain subsides you do hot sauna and then jump into snow bank or semi frozen lake couple of times. This is Siberian method, not for weakling. Maybe taking beginner aikido classes is better??

Anonymous said...

Everyone seems to be giving you sound advice and I hope you get some relief soon.

Just as another poster mentioned above - I cannot describe how important this blog is now that this is "officially over" and they are shoving people back to areas like Minami Soma. Your health comes first though!

Florian said...

Don't take this lightly!!! See a good Dr.!

Lots of information here:

Anonymous said...

Agree on doctor..its best to know what you are dealing with BEFORE trying to fix it. And all is sound are too valuable.

Mauibrad said...

@Nancy said "Look at your desk chair and set up. Your chair may be inadequate or improperly adjusted."

Good point, a badly designed chair can make things worse. Particularly if the part you are sitting on deviates too much from being plain and simply flat.

BTW, just so you know, if you know what you are doing, you can get rid of Sciatic pain in a few minutes and keep it away at will, so don't give up on being pain free. -- Former massage therapist and kinesiologist

GB said...

I have the same problem, and I find the most important the bed. It has to be absolutely flat, not too soft, not too hard, and should not be cold from below. The best is tatami+futon. If you don't have tatami, you can try the floor, but be careful to make sure that it is not cold and not too hard. If it is, make the futon thicker and install an electric heater below. The springed mattress is usually good, they are either too hard or too soft, and often sink or stick out in the middle. When I have to stay at a place with such a bed, my nerve starts hurting after a few nights. Once you set up your bed, if you can work home, you should use a laptop. Lie down on your back, put your head on a pillow, bend your legs to some 45 degrees put your laptop in your lap and work that way. If you can manage putting the laptop on your chest and stretch your legs, that's even better. The pain will be mostly gone in a few days.

Anonymous said...

Osteopathic treatment. Also -- stretch your piriformis muscles. They go from near the sacroiliac joint/lower lumbar near gluteous minimus attachment, wrap around over hips, and attach down near the hole in the bone where the sciatic nerve exits the spine. Not an anatomically correct explanation, but more or less correct. There is something for sale in USA called, "Topricin" that is an excellent topical analgesic. Also -- you can lie on your back, knees bent. Place a tennis ball under your hip area (where it's sore). Allow your knee to fall outward, and your buttock/upper leg muscles to relax over the ball. Try to hold until the pain goes away. Don't roll on the ball, just allow the tight muscles to relax and conform to the shape of the ball. Works wonders! Also -- tighten muscles in abdomen, hip flexors, gluteus muscles, hamstrings. And stretch whenever you can. Used to have days when I could not walk due to back pain/sciatica, so I know this works. Wishing you health and healing from the U.S.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you for sharing your insights, and for all your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Vitamin d3 at sunrise. Search for Seth Roberts blog for more detail.

Anonymous said...

have nothing in your rear pockets.

do hindu squats.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your hard work!

Anonymous said...

Encourage you to read-up on subject of "sciatica", seek competent med advice, and either stop "stop sitting in front of the PC for so many hours every single day for over 9 straight months" or force yourself to work with frequent walkabouts [every 10 minutes?] to see if any improvement.

Your blogging has been superbly valuable, but your well-being is likely even more important for future contributions to blogosphere. Best wishes that you heal that body!

Anonymous said...

A few thoughts:
# Try to find a good doctor to narrow down / find the ACTUAL source first
# Look at your workplace ergonomics (chair, table, keyboard, mouse, body stance)
# Do regular mini pauses
# Stretching
# Voice software
# Muscle training later on (upper body)

Looking after 'Repetitive strain injury' will give you also valuable input.

Anonymous said...

Not for everyone, but I use a netbook at home and find a balance between needing to be able to see the screen and staying out of gravity's cruel path. That ends up being a mostly horizontal position.

At work (which I will start again next week for the first time since evacuating my family from Japan . . . donations to follow shortly after first paycheck) where I am stuck using a desk, I try to low ride my chair so that I can find the optimal reclining position possible. The result is minimal back pain and looking like a slob most of the time.

Also, I have noticed that stretches (like touching your toes) really helped with my lower back pain (which appears to have disappeared when I stopped commuting by Japanese train).

Anonymous said...

ex-SKF, sorry to hear that and even sorrier for the advice i am going to give:
i'm a doctor and have suffered a slipped disc. agony. sitting at the computer worsened and prolonged my recovery. if you sit, there is no yoga, drug, herb or chiropractor that is going to help.

Atomfritz said...

I don't know if that what I had was the sciatic nerve.
The pain in the lower back was horrible, I felt like an old man, unable to stand and or walk upright.
Didn't want to go to the doc if possible because most docs here are sort of drug dealers.

And, looking for changes I did recently that could be related with the pain, finally I noticed that I had bought a new bed some time ago, very soft, way too soft.

Reading in the web about good-to-the-back beds, I tried something crazy. Having read about traditional futon beds and the allegedly little problems of traditional Japanese with back pains, I quickly set up an experimental hard futon bed on a large wooden table. I tried it out, and was satisfied, the pains went away soon. At the beginning it was very uncomfortable, but without pains, so I preferred this and got accustomed.
So it turned out that the time at the PC wasn't the reason for my pains, and as a programmer I am very glad about this.

Later I changed the soft mattress to a hard one. It's still way more comfortable than a "traditional" bed, and I didn't get pains again.

This is just my own story/experience. YMMV.

May you heal fast!

Darth3/11 said...

I joined a local major sports club and work out there 3x/week. Then, bought a better chair with lower back support for Y30,000 from Yodobashi. I sit a lot at home on the computer, too. These things have helped a lot, although I don't have your problem. Please get well soon and thank you for your beautifully obsessive work. Are you the only one?

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Thank you, everyone, for your advice and suggestions. Those yoga postures look deadly. Vodka with black pepper sounds good, though if I ingest I would vomit (I'm allergic to ingested alcohol). I'm still reading, and researching. Thank you again.

I know I have to shape up, more frequent rests and more exercise. Procrastinating all along until this pain hit.

Can't afford to see a doctor right now but may seek advice from an experienced physical therapist in exchange for a violin lesson.

Darth3/11, yes I'm the only one writing this blog.

Anonymous said...

EX-SKF, it is vital that you 1) look after yourself, and 2) continue this blog. There are lots of great suggestions given here. If you need to stand more, try something like Dragon Dictate. You can dictate to your computer, maybe even while stretching.

Thank you so much for all your effort. Odaiji-ni.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ex-Skf, I'm reading about your sciatica just now. I hope you are better. If pain persists, I recommend medicated plasters and hot showers, but sleeping position is very, very important. Sleep in a fetal position, and don't sleep on your back.

Thank you for your work

GB said...

Sorry, writing about the bed earlier, I meant spring matress is NOT good.

Badaunt said...

Oh, and to add to my 'heat treatment' comments above: Many years ago I worked in a temp job (in NZ) doing data entry for a small company. At the place I worked, my instructions were that I was to do data entry for 20 minutes and then stand up and stretch and walk around for about 5 minutes, then resume. I was NOT to work for longer than 20 minutes at a time. That was made very clear to me. I questioned it, and one of the guys who owned the company, a casual, relaxed sort of bloke, stopped being casual and relaxed and told me I MUST follow those instructions, it was REALLY IMPORTANT.

I don't know whether this was because he had experience of back problems, or it something the union had organized, or was an occupational rule, or a government rule, or what, and at the time I thought it was madly overcautious. I'd never had back problems, I was young, and I thought I was invincible.

These days I don't think it was overcautious AT ALL. Set a timer. Twenty minutes at a time!

aran said...

You have received a good amount of ideas already, so I'm only going to say that I hope it gets better soon. Thank you so much for your hard work over here. Please take care.

Anonymous said...

Try those yoga poses. They should work. Also you should look into a standing workstation/desk. I've been on one now for a month and a half and my posture has improved drastically. Get in better shape and lose the gut. Thanks for all of the hard work!

Dan said...

besides the obvious rest and a walk every now and then, you may want to treat yourself with Diclofenac
Pills or cream, it should be available over the counter. You may also want to sleep on a stiff bed (even directly on a wooden board), on the back, small pillow under the lower back. Swimming and rollerblading do miracles too.

Please keep running this blog. Be well.

Norah said...

I have been a reader of your Japanese and English blogs for months. Thank you for all your efforts.

A year and a half ago, I had the same problem and suffered horrible sciatic nerve pain. How I overcame the symptom is written in my Japanese blog. Since I am on a 100% plant-based diet and have little trust in modern medicine, my approach may sound strange to you. But I believe that the best remedy for sciatic nerve pain is to restrict your food intake and correct your pelvic position.

If you are interested, visit my blog (written in Japanese).

Anyway, I hope you will get well soon.

Goldie_luvmj said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are suffering with dreadful sciatic pain. I suggest you to book an appointment to have a Seitai massage (lower back and legs at least). Sciatic pain is caused by permanently tense leg muscles which pinches the nerve and creates pain. Also, I would suggest you to get checked out by a podiatrist. You could have a flat feet which makes you walk in unnatural way that put stress on your upper leg muscles that has to work extra hard.

All the best and a wishing you a safer happier new year!

Anonymous said...

Your blog has been (an still is) an excellent source of information to all following the nuclear incident closely. Thank you for that.
I am sure you have received a lot of good information already. But if nothing seems to be working, I would suggest try Homeopathy (did not see anyone having mentioned that). I don't know how easy it is living in Japan laying your hands on homeopathic medicines. You could use a site like or to find a remedy. I have used homeopathy for 25 years now and have not had to visit a modern doctor for any ailment including toothache !
All the best said...


i suffered big time beacuse of it after my knee injury. Tried Tai Chi (5 years) - as a health practice is overrated. (as well as martial art, the chance of finding a good tai chi master is like 1 in a million)

I have recently signed up for Muay Thai and that has solved my years long problem. Decent instructor with killer workouts that build up your muscles is all you need, but a gym wont help you. You need some serious martial art sports 2 times weekly and the pain will be gone.

Otherwise you will be afraid of stepping onto cold floor for the rest of your life.

Anonymous said...

accupuncture works if done right- you'll be surprised!

Anonymous said...

Look at this:

I use this massager at home, every day. And I will never give it back.

You can try this method for free! Look at the website.

Wish you good recovery! Get well!

A friend from germany.

Ancona said...

Lot's of good stuff here, but not too much immediately practical advice.

If I may:
1 X 10mg Percodan/Percocet every 4 - 6 hours as needed for pain. 1 Flexeril muscle relaxant 3 X day. Do not drink alcohol with these medications, as it WILL intensify the effect and possibly cause dangerous somnolence and slowing of the respiratory system.

That said, mush of the advice here is absolutely sound, and will likely benefit you in the long run, however nearly none of it will help until the spasm is under control. I promise you, I know this from many, many years of experience.

Yoga is the great healer my friend, listen to teh folks here who attest to it. I have a very hard head, but eventually relented, and am now quite happy and largely pain free.

no6ody said...

Late to this thread, as usual...

anon at 6:23 gives advice that has worked for me, especially this statement:

"Frequently change between a standing and seated position to work on your computer."

Since I use a laptop, It moves with me. If you have a desktop, perhaps only moving the keyboard is enough?

Eating low on the food chain is not a bad idea. Bio-accumulated toxins come in non-radioactive flavors too.

Your health comes first... but you are doing a public service that is appreciated by many.

Anonymous said...

A good acupuncturist, without a doubt!

Anonymous said...

A family of bad backs..we all have come to use some variation on yoga for relief. Here are some videos for you to sample in case you are a visual learner like my brothers.

Yoga postures do look a little deadly, but not nearly as scary as we look when reduced to crawling through the house unable to take a deep breath.
Please take a moment to care for yourself and relax. This was the sound in our house growing up- mom, Petri, and the piano. Where a good shepherd watches

Anonymous said...

Neural therapy combined with body and ear acupuncture.

... and the pain is GONE!!! (Usually extremely FAST!)

Drugs mentioned above usually tend to harm the liver and the kidneys, which will make the situation in the future worse.

Additionaly consider homeopathy. The fitting remedy should be selected by a experienced homeopath (in case the condition was created by overstrain by lifting something heavy: Rhus tox. C 200 might be 'THE ONE')

Regarding the above comment on Tai Chi. I've found 3 'good' Tai Chi teachers. :-)

And if you consider the health aspect to be overrated, then this is because only if the principles of Tai Chi are applied, perfecting the martial art aspect, thereby the body structure, thereby the freeflow of Chi, …. the health (meditation) aspect benefits greatly.

There is no Tai Chi master that made it without sitting meditation and standing postures.

Tai Chi as well as Qi Gong do an excellent job in preventing and curing backpain.

Cayenne salve locally and propolis tincture internally could be an idea.

I test every remedy via the pulse using a 3-volt-hammer. This shows (with a little practice) very clearly what will bring the body back into balance.

Anonymous said...

Instead of Percocet, maybe better to try natural remedies that relax muscles, like Magnesium: drops internal as well as regular warm baths in magnesium flakes (Amazon). MSM for pain.

Massage / shiatsu / structural integration / acupuncture *whichever works for you* - AT LEAST twice a month for the type of work you do (a good, well-referred soft-tissue-conscious chiropractor can be amazing - but relax/massage muscles first!!). And Tai Qi is great ((actually start with QiGong), but if realistically you aren't going to make the time for it, for now it might be more useful to find a YogAlign yoga teacher in your area to give you a routine to stretch your connective tissue (this is not pretzel or vinyasa obsessive yoga, it is more physiological, postural, breath oriented and EZ). Note: most yoga, most stretches people do, actually do more harm than good. Gotta learn how to do them correctly. Sciatica can relate to how you walk, sit, hold your head, the kind of breath you take...

As well, tight muscles in general often relate to diet issues (coffee, sugar, or other things you like that your body may not>>>if you don't want to stop them, at least balance them out, chose better options - supplement - greens). I have learned (since 3/11) that Zeolite is helpful in balancing the body's ph. So if you're a little acidic, which creates a state that contracts muscle, it might help. I like it one week a month as a cleanse - powdered only. As well, if you eat too much sugar, it's like an instant cure for the common diabetic coma ;P as well helps with acid stomach, headaches. Liquid bentonite clay is helpful as well. Lots and lots of clean, balanced, mineral water.

This cleanse alone can help as I've often seen the sciatic nerve being affected by the colon, pushing on psoas (this usually shows itself on the left side - tho not always). usually it's a combo of tight psoas and piriformis - combined with weak core and spinal compression and lack of natural arches in the back and neck. Make length (but not military style - use your breath! And if you ever try any inversion machine, only do the one that lets you hang from the hip).

Using a foam roller, tennis balls for self massage is a good way to take care of yourself. Cliche but sitting on a yoga ball for a few hours while working can activate core; also, finding a way to sit (firm surface) on the pelvic bones is important (which means most chairs, even ones with "good back support" are not helping you). A great -natural, organic, firmish- bed IS an amazing thing. As people mentioned, side sleepers can have issues and a pillow between the knees AND ankles is important. But a non-toxic supportive and loving bed - one of the most important investments a person can make.

If like, could work with you a few days to help getcha on a better path. And you know, if it ended up you felt awesome and had the time... I'd LOVE an interview for my web site which is relaunching in January... :)))) Licensed massage therapist, yoga teacher, nutrition geek with no credentials, & uber ex-skf fan. References supplied as needed.

Ultimately no "products" or "remedies" are going to be the sole answer. Though you want the pain/ inflammation gone NOW, know that without proper changes, it often means you will ignore the real issue. You are Fukushima and putting cold water on the problem won't really make it go away. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Something that lets you use a PC while lying down.

Anonymous said...

Try better hydration. Possibly you've changed your routine over the holidays and dehydration has set in? May not be relevant to your specific case, but can't hurt and is much easier to try than yoga! Thanks for your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hello. Good luck with your pain. The immediate remedy is to heat the affected area and take some anti-inflammatory pills.

Longer term, it pays to keep your weight low and your postural muscles well-toned. I'd suggest rowing and/or swimming, yoga is good as well, avoid running and biking.

Change your chair - use one without a backrest (counter-intuitive, I know, but the vertebrae are made to sit on top of each other, not skewed at some angle... Second the suggestion about sleeping on a very hard surface. It helps to keep all those bones in line.

Start using a backpack, the long kind that rests in the small of your back. Just put some stuff in it (8-10 kilos or so should do) and carry it around, it helps a lot with keeping the right posture.

Thanks for your work! One last piece of advice from a long-time sufferer: it really helps to keep a positive outlook, even when you are in pain - the less stressed you are, the more relaxed your muscles will be.

SouthJerseyJoey said...

check this out, Areva... auricular(ear)stimulation/acupuncture for sciatica relief.

"Auricular Therapy is a specialized "cousin" of traditional acupuncture. It is a scientifically documented procedure performed worldwide. It involves the stimulation of specific reflex points of the auricle (external ear) for the treatment of health conditions in other parts of the body.

It does NOT require acupuncture needles."

my other remedy involves a strip club, bottle opener, and a rubber band. maybe just do the ear thing, dude.

gr81 said...

I use DMSO topically to eliminate pain. Works on multitude of problems. Only two side effects: can cause skin irritation and can cause a slight taste of garlic.

Due to pharmaceutical company/FDA collusion, we lesser folks are relegated to use the solvent grade.
I get it from Tractor Supply in the horse/cow supplies section and sometimes order the roll-on through

9 different grades of it are produced in USA, from European Pharma, to Veterinary, to solvent grade.

Just remember: If it stings just dilute with water. I use the strongest solution which does not sting and it works great. I have to change the solution for different tissues.

Works great for Acne @ 5% DMSO 95% H2O, or for arthritis in hands and back @ 95% DMSO 5% H2O.

Vary solution by sensitivity of skin to be used on.

I use it daily in a topical spray for Acne and Cataracts.

Anonymous said...

A colleague in the print industry swears his sciatica went away after using a meter high reel of paper as an exercise tool.

His technique was to rest over the reel sideways and allow the spine to form a C shape whilst reaching over the reel in an attempt to touch the floor on the opposite side.

The free upwards arm can also be used to assist stretching.

I'm sorry if that makes no sense and/or you have no access to such a large radius but another recomendation was an inversion table.

Anonymous said...

I use it daily in a topical spray for Acne and Cataracts.

Yikes 12:12, you suffer from acne and cataracts at the same time? Areva, don't despair, what's a little sciatica in comparison...

Anonymous said...

If you possibly can - stay off your feet and get an ice pack on you back (the lowest vertbrae). You may have a disk pressing on the sciatic nerve.
I had bad, bad doctor care for a big injury and got (finally) better pain relief and therapy from a chiropractic guy who does a lot of work with the ballet. Ice reduces the disk size and takes away the pain. Some special exercises help too... like drawing your knees slowly to yr chest while lying on yr back.
You can sleep better with yr knees bent, use a pillow to help.

Ungodly pain!

Anonymous said...

A Japanese cure for a Japanese Blogger. Reiki massage. I had very bad sciatica while on vacation so I looked up massage therapist in yellow pages and found someone that advertised doing work with children. Myself being 7 months pregnant at the time I didn't want to end up at the "wrong" type of massage parlor so I thought this was probably okay to try. I didn't know it was Reiki and had never heard of it before. In fact I was laying on the table waiting for what I was expecting to be a good deep tissue massage and the lady was just standing at the end of the table holding my feet for what seemed to be a very long time. Then she came over to the side that was bothering me and just raised up my leg to a bent knee position and gently moved it around. When I got up I though "well, I got ripped off serves me right" then I noticed the pain was gone. I couldn't believe it. It didn't seem like she did anything to me. I don't understand what she did but it worked.

trifouillax said...

Long walks and frequent swimming pool usage. I'll second the reiki so-called "massage" idea, might be very useful if you support that - Reiki is strong enough!

Thanks for your blog and your precious job.

Anonymous said...

My good friend... 21 years of PC Internet computer work for me and after several years I began using a leather recliner with a laptop. The chair must have high enough arms to support a board that will not touch your legs.

Buy a pine board 10 inches wide and 30 inches long. Round corners with jig saw and sand every edge with 180 grit sandpaper. Do not stain or paint. Use laptop on board with a wireless mouse and soft cloth-top mouse pad. You will rarely get tired in your chair. Snooze if you like. A 17 inch screen laptop is preferable.
I am on my 25th generation laptop in 18 years. My back is great at age 58.


Anonymous said...

You are doing very important work. You are very strong, but sometimes whta makes us strong can make us vulnerable. You are carrying immense burden from all of this. Since you don't want to recognize that, your body is reacting. It is no coincidendce that it is your lower back that is reacting. It is the strongest part of your body in many ways and capable pf carrying very much.

But it cannot carry the whole planet.

You have also guilt since you cannot change everything. Free yourself from unnecessary guilt, so that you can continue your excellent work. Here is method fr doing it. Google also "Wikipedia EFT".

Anonymous said...

Cannabis Sativa my friend.

Indica-mainly strain will help out. Otherwise, Kratom Tea (which can be bought offline and shipped).

Thanks for your info, I have been reading since March, first time commenter.

Keep it up, the world needs this information!

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Thank you everyone for the advice. Looks like I could write a book about it..

For now, standing and typing seems to work well. Not well enough for exercise yet.

And anon at 2:11PM, don't worry, feeling guilty that I cannot change everything is the last thing (if ever) on my mind. I couldn't care less if nothing changes.

But I do care that English-speaking people get as accurate as possible information, and it just infuriates me to happen on an article somewhere that quotes an English article written by a Japanese who does not even know what a skimmer surge tank is and therefore can't even name it.

sciatic nerve pain said...

The root cause of most of this symptom is - Muscle Imbalances. A muscle imbalance happens when you have over-developed and tight muscles in one area of your body, while the opposing muscles are weaker and stretched out of their normal position. Medication, back massages and even work out and stretches will not get you sciatic pain relief! The only way to truly solve this is returning the muscle balance back.

Why the Traditional Treatments Don't Work

The traditional treatments include NSAIDs drugs, Cortisone injections, ultrasound, exercise and electrical stimulation. These treatments do not address the muscle imbalance - the root of the problem. That's why most people do not find relief and suffer for years.

What is The Best way to Get Sciatica Relief?

Muscle Balance Therapy is one of the most powerful tools you can use to achieve sciatic pain relief - for good. The Greeks knew about this 2500 years ago. But like many natural therapies it was lost and replaced by conventional medical treatments that focus on symptom relief instead of solving the actual problem itself!

It starts with assessing the problem - finding out accurately where are the imbalances. Once that's done you will finally find the core to your problem - and learn to immediately correct it for good.

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