Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ooi Nuclear Power Plant Restart Talk: Noda Administration Releases the Summary of the Cabinet Meeting Without Names of Attendees

The cabinet ministers joined Prime Minister Noda in a meeting on April 3, 2012 to discuss the conditions for restarting Ooi Nuclear Power Plant in Fukui Prefecture. The administration released the summary of the meeting today (not the minutes), and all the names except for the prime minister were deleted.

Talk about clarity and transparency.

From Mainichi Shinbun (4/9/2012):


On April 9, the Noda Administration released the summary of the first meeting of the cabinet ministers on April 3 over the restart of Ooi Nuclear Power Plant operated by Kansai Electric Power Company. The meeting was 70-minute long, but the summary is slightly over 2 pages on A4-size paper. Names of the ministers who spoke were not made public except for Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, who instructed the ministers to show him the standard to judge safety.


The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency explained the emergency safety measures at the plant and the result of the stress test. The attending ministers expressed positive opinions for the restart, saying "We should explain the multiple protections to prevent core meltdown better so that it is easier to understand", and "We should take additional measures to make it the safest plant in the world."


Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura indicated in the April 9 press conference that he would release the meeting summaries one week after the meetings.

Yes, let's. No.1 in the world.

The greatest threat to any nuclear power plant in Japan is the government and the plant operator.


Chibaguy said...

I would think that the consent of the residents as well as anyone living in a 300 kilometer radius would be needed. I live that far away from Fukushima and we got screwed.

Apolline said...

Ultraman, it is what you wrote :
"The cabinet ministers joined Prime Minister Noda in a meeting on April 3, 2011 to discuss the conditions for restarting Ooi Nuclear Power Plant in Fukui Prefecture"

I suppose that the date is april 3, 2012 and not 2011.
Thank you, I am translating...

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Thank you Helios.

Chibaguy, I think I posted here several days ago maybe. Chief Cabinet Secretary said there is no legal basis to consult local residents, and it is therefore not necessary.

Chibaguy said...

Thanks Ex Skf - if this true, it means that even the local residents don't have a voice once a reactor is in operation. I thought they were paid subsidies constantly.

Yosaku said...


Just wanted to say that I loved your last sentence. Spot on. Spot on.

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