Friday, May 4, 2012

Hiroaki Koide: "Adults in Japan Should Eat Contaminated Food" to Atone for the Sins of Having Allowed Nuke Power

During the press conference in New York after the lecture on the status of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident and radiation contamination in Japan, Dr. Koide of Kyoto University repeated his mantra (or curse, to many Japanese) that the food contaminated with radioactive materials from Fukushima should be consumed by adults who have allowed the nuclear power plants.

From the Japanese transcript by Portirland blog (5/5/2012):


There is no clean food.


Sadly, the Fukushima accident happened, and has spread contamination throughout the world. So there is no food that is clean or safe.


But there is a continuous variety of food from extremely contaminated food to relatively safe food. The issue is how to accept [allocate] such food.


Extremely contaminated food should be eaten by people who have promoted nuclear power. TEPCO top management, and politicians and scholars who have promoted nuclear power. I would like to build such a system.


The rest of the contaminated food should be eaten by adults, who have allowed nuclear power to this extent, so that the non-contaminated food goes to children.


However, in order to achieve that, it is necessary to accurately measure the contamination levels. I've been telling TEPCO to provide that information.


To do that, it would be a huge task. But unless we inspect many samples of rice, vegetables, fish, we can't let children eat them.

Well, I wonder how he is going to enforce his system. Some people have suggested some type of ID cards that will be required when purchasing food. With that system, if you are above certain age, you won't be allowed to buy "clean" food.

Koide's supporters almost always defend his position by pointing to the episode that Koide ate contaminated pastas from Italy after the Chernobyl accident because he thought he was partly responsible for the accident for having been a nuclear researcher and unable to stop nuclear power.

In the real world, Japanese children are being fed with radioactive food items in school lunches even after radioactive cesium is detected from the particular food items and even when there are safe (radiation-free) alternatives. Why? Because it is below the government-mandated safety limit. What good is testing? In the real world, mothers and fathers who want to buy clean food for their families are laughed at and even criticized for being selfish.

In such a world, Koide's insistence that adults should eat contaminated food somehow fits well. And we'll all go down...


LC Douglass said...

There will be some serious generational tensions over this crisis that will only build as time goes on. Imagine the attacks on elders in 20 years; just the ramifications for the social hierarchy might change the face of Japan, if the fallout doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Koide damages his own credibility (and the no-nukes movement itself) with such remarks. If we don't grow food in contaminated areas, there wouldn't be any contaminated food.

Close the contaminated farms.

Move the farmers. Compensate them for their losses.

Let them farm where it is safer to do so (Kyushu, Okinawa, parts of Hokkaido) and

Don't contaminate the rest of Japan by shipping contaminated products and garbage.

Anonymous said...

> Koide ate contaminated pastas from Italy after the Chernobyl accident

I'm afraid he is now eating foods produced in Fukushima, or in a bit less contaminated area if the most contaminated foods should go to TEPCO top management.
It's not a reasonable attitude.
He can instead say that the foods contaminated above some standard should be bought and discarded by TEPCO.
Then I would agree, in principle, that the rest of the foods be distributed in the way he insists.

kintaman said...

I say force feed it to TEPCO execs and those in the government who are responsible and deceived the populace. They are more than content to ship the contamination to developing countries ( ( so why should they not eat it and their families? Force them.

Anonymous said...

Whoaa, Ultraman is back !!!

Annie said...

"Hiroaki Koide: "Adults in Japan Should Eat Contaminated Food" to Atone for the Sins of Having Allowed Nuke Power"............What an insane world!! Insane comes after insane. It is time to stop, NOT allow more of it. It's time ordinary people learned to say no to authority, to learn the meaning of boycott.

Anonymous said...

Nuclear industry officials should eat their words and the contaminated food.

John said...

Suppose he is correct. It is already too late. There is no safe food. Not only in Japan. These toxins are environmentally persistent and spread on the wind and through ocean currents throughout the global environment. Only thing I resent is his assertion that all adults are responsible. I won't take responsibility. I was delivering anti-nuke speeches for years before Fukushima. I don't buy into the no one person is responsible so all of us are. There are people in power and people who profited from the nuclear industry (including the shareholders of TEPCO).

Darth3/11 said...

YAY! I love Ultraman at the TOP, socking it to the bastards, raising the roof, fighting for justice and truth for Japan!

Anonymous said...

It should be mandatory that TEPCO and their boot-licking politicians should be only allowed to eat the most contaminated foods....not the children of Japan!

Stupidity needs to die off first so that, the youth has a chance to bring new hope to the world.

TEPCO and the politicians have lied NON STOP to the Japanese people and the World. Everything is ruined. Everyone is dying or beginning to die from this disaster, across the Globe.

Of course, America and most notably the NRC, state that no one has died from a nuclear accident! Only an insane idiot would dream up a statement like that and then, be dumb enough to state it as a fact!

I've said it before...when they create a nuclear reaction they are creating a deadly piece of Hell. Real Hell has all the same properties of random death, destruction, and mutation for millions of years....tisk, tisk,....

Anonymous said...

The food imported to NZ from North America is contaminated with unacceptable levels of fission fragments and actinides.

Anonymous said...

You're right, John. I'm 50 years old, but am not responsible either. I had nuclear power forced on me just like the children today have had it forced on them. TEPCO, pro-nuke politicians, and TEPCO stockholders should be fed contaminated food.

Anonymous said...

I think he's in a communication process, not in a planning; maybe he says something that has to be said in Japan, but it does seem rather awkward (nobody's perfect !).
You can force-feed children, not executives or shareholders, nor any well-informed and wealthy people.
And force-feeding as a form of punishment or repentance looks crazy to me.
By the way, many people ate italian pasta since that Tchernobyl time, but there was far more dangerous stuff on sale : mushrooms, herbs, game meat etc... that are still to avoid 26 years later, depending on the place they are from. That's a difference. Pasta eaters are no heroes. Neither am I.

Anonymous said...

Get the message: "'Adults in Japan Should Eat Contaminated Food' to Atone for the Sins of Having Allowed Nuke Power" - WE ARE RESPONSIBLE for the future of our children.

But, actually nuclear anything, whether energy or weapons, was not popular among the Japanese people, especially after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But Eisenhower's "Atoms for Peace" campaign during the initial stages of the Cold War conspired with the right criminal elements within Japanese society (criminal elements of the former Japanese war machine) to spread nuclear power (and in the end weapons) within Japan.

Currently Obama's Cold War is again working with Japan and against the possible threat with China.

Stay tuned. It will only get worse.

Chibaguy said...

Here is my two cents: the workers of Tepco are just workers doing a job. No need to force them to more harm. As for the executives, politicians and stockholders I say go for it. I will go a step further, the US congress should have cesium filled yummy bentos everyday until they can grow a spine and stand up to those that control them.

As for as Koide's assertion, I would like to know when he thinks the public in general had a vote.

Anonymous said...

if the spent plutonium in #4 goes dry you can blow the pope, it won't matter you stupid fuck

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the world has a problem .. are we rats in a cage ? The problem is the nuclear industry where ever it is found .. its really not very good for us .. the decisions that have been made are economic, which quite clearly do not work.

Let the world have some compassion .. between us all we can arrive at the best solution.

Anonymous said...

there's no use in punishment if it kills you, /methinks.
punishment should teach you something?
also i cannot see the definition of a "protest" if a anti-nuke guy eats radio-activated food from a nuke accident/DISASTER. but the pro-nukers are prolly clapping there hands in glee:"one down and he even cleaned-up a bit?"
as for religion, there are stories about how lord buddha convinced a couple (as in man and woman) of cannibals not to eat him -and- convinced a murdering madman to not kill him .. and in the process showed them the path. > :D

Stock said...

How you tie together all these things into one cohesive rant?

Gold, Fear, Fukushima, Super Moon, Earthquakes, Insane Monkeys and Pychopaths

This is a good one, check it out.

Also the nuclear poll has 80 responses and closes in 6 days, stop by and speak your mind.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

I agree with Chibaguy. TEPCO employees, particularly those who work at Fukushima and other TEPCO's nuke plants are mostly local residents who have been doing their jobs. It's bad enough that Fuku-1 TEPCO workers lost their family members or lost their homes or discriminated against by their fellow countrymen.

Koide has been saying this ever since the first contaminated vegetable was found last year. This time, he didn't say his other reason for this, which is to support farmers and fishermen in the affected areas particularly in Fukushima.

It's almost like a curse. I suspect he is deeply angry toward the Japanese who didn't stand up against nuclear power plants like he did, until Fukushima happened.

Anonymous said...

"lord buddha convinced a couple (as in man and woman) of cannibals not to eat him -and- convinced a murdering madman to not kill him .. and in the process showed them the path. > :D"

That was The Buddha, The All Enlightened One, so I hope you are not counting on mere unenlightened personal agenda driven mortals to have the same abilities of divine ego-less persuasion. What path? For the unenlightened (me included), what flawed path do you suggest they(I) show others? Methinkst you don't know what you suggest.

Anonymous said...

Have the children of Fukushima had a chance to convince TEPCO executives or the government not to risk their health or that of generations to come? Do they even have any rights to lead a normal life.? Easy to "talk" about "the path"! So easy to quote holy writings when you are not one of the victims! Blind faith without thinking. You try reasoning with a murderous madman. Tell me how that turns out for you, if you subsequently can.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a bit bonkers eh. Yeah, we should all commit hara kiri, a very Japanese thing, for all of our sins. In a way Japan has commtted hara kiri by adopting abortion, a hideous crime against the unborn, after WWII at the urging of the US. Now the birthrate is plummeting and this country is headed to the dustbin of history.

Anonymous said...

kanagawa mom said...

This is sad. We are all victims. We are all struggling. What the world needs is less blame and more compassion.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at the passivity of the Japanese people. I am also amazed at the lack of any world coverage of this disaster as it spreads throughout the world. Are we truly watching the end of civilization as foreseen by the Mayan's? Clearly, unless we entomb Fukushima we are headed toward world annihilation. It will happen...

Anonymous said...

What is past cannot be undone. Japan should not sit around wringing its hands, moaning and blaming the pronuclear people who brought all this about, much as they deserve this. What Japam shpu;d do is to preserrve its gene pool by moving children to safe areaa - outside the danger zone, outside the country if necessary

Anonymous said...

The population of this planet has brought this on themselves. Greedy little humans, WE are spiritual beings in a human body. Unfortunately most have stopped loving themselves , and taken the material road. so many people on the planet have not enough food , no clean water ,and a miserable life , No body cares about them? I,m not happy with what has gone down in japan, but am not surprised why the human race is being culled. They let this happen to them selves.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of those that directly profited from cost cutting and deception being forced to eat contaminated food. The idea that the actions of these people should correlate to personal consequences is a good one, something i would also advocate for the finance industry.

Anonymous said...

This thing will kill many people and a lot of people in the U.S.
The west coast is contaminated and it is spreading across the U.S.
This is pure madness.
The Japanese are flushing their nuclear toilet on the U.S.
Bury the reactors.

Anonymous said...

While I share Koide's outrage
it is not true there is no clean food left in Japan. This is just simply flatly false. Scroll down the right side of this page to see chronological order of tests for food. Some have cesium and some do not. In general everything west of Tokyo is pretty much OK.

Anonymous said...

"What is past cannot be undone. Japan should not sit around wringing its hands, moaning and blaming the pronuclear people who brought all this about, much as they deserve this. What Japam shpu;d do is to preserrve its gene pool by moving children to safe areaa - outside the danger zone, outside the country if necessary"

How about importing hundreds of millions of non-Japanese into Japan, calling for "diversity" and then ridiculing any Japanese person who finds this offensive as "racist"? This course of action seems to be preserving the European people's gene pool fairly well.

Anonymous said...

This is utter lunacy to suggest the people of Japan wanted this disaster to cripple their very livelihood and families. Perhaps the people took the state at face value, when they told them how safe nuclear power would be.

Even with the plants in question being built on a fault line, some safety factors were always at risk. Can anyone thus be blamed if the people of Japan wer swindled by a need to remain competitive? The goal now is for all to survive the incident, rather recognize the 'snow job' while producing facts in its place!

Anonymous said...

"Independent WHO is organising a « Scientific and Citizen Forum on Radioprotection : from Chernobyl to Fukushima » on May 12th 2012 in Geneva."

Anonymous said...

I oppose forcing anyone including Tepco execs, GE's Immelt, Obama, Chu, the Rothschilds, and Bibi Netanyahu to consume radioactive food (poison), because in my code that would be cruel and unusual punishment, even though they are all criminal psychopaths by definition that are killing the planet. No one has to be radioactively poisoned to atone for not stopping the six sigma way of life, or we would all be punished cruelly and accept torture, and there is no atonement. We have not been able to stop it, and I have opposed nukes and nuke weapons incl. DU, my entire adulthood.
It would be worse for an honest man to lose face, if he could redeem anyone, and instead sentenced Japanese adults to suffer avoidable radiation poisoning as collective punishment? What we see here is still another psycho politician dishing out the death and destruction just cuz he can. It is the same old malware infecting the world, hegemony, judicial sanctions. I spit on every politician today, the sick traitors to humanity! How dare they tell us Japanese adults will be collectively punished for not stopping nukes? How can anyone stop nukes when it is the government and military financed by their secret society that mandates this plague?
Take it to the puppet masters, you politicians, make them come out in the open and accept responsibility for Fukushima and the DU. They broke it...they bought it.
As if the Japanese were ever given a choice. They sit on top of geothermal energy. They have a good latitude for sun. Hokkaido has wind. They can grow hemp. What the hell are the politicians waiting for? Oh, they have to poison all the adults first. If you want do French cooking, first you got to boil the forks, as they say. I would not blame the common man who was always duped by politicians at every step to come to this debacle.

howardtlewisiiiffy said...

I quit building these monsters in 1975. The risks were insanely high and this event was inevitable. I would ban Koide-san's suggestion if those in Japan who pushed nuclear power did not tell us who in the US talked them into it so they could share in such spiritual healing through self destruction. I KNEW THE RISKS AND I QUIT. The reasons were SIMPLE to back me away from doing this. Self indulgence and reckless arrogance paid handsomely in money to those doing the construction. I would rather have Top Ramen ONLY for breakfast, lunch, and dinner than build these damned things and I proved it.
Oh yes! Now I remember! The British royal family is the main owner of Uranium mines in this world, and the Rockefellers, Bush41 cabal, and the Rothschilds pushed hardest for this and the inevitable result. Mr. Jim Stone shows us that soldiers for these swine blew the Fukushima plant. I can assure you without hesitation that the UN founders stink like a 1,000 foot tall radiation spewing skunk on this. It was a very stupid thing for them to do.

Anonymous said...

LOL, and people thought eugenics was only an American, European thing eh? wake up that's a good one though. To atone for your sins you must now consume radiated food (even higher than what our microwaves do) and die a painful slow death lol maybe this guy should eat radiated food first...ever notice the ones pushing this "the world is too overpopulated" agenda are always the ones who never volunteer first to rid themselves. instead they want to get everyone else sick, dead, and in debt.

howardtlewisiiiffy said...

I hear at least 300 Japanese elected officials have been murdered after angering American money moguls. Jay Rockefeller was reported to have threatened Japan with an earthquake if Japan went forward with supplying Uranium to Iran.

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 10:31


Anonymous said...

"Jay Rockefeller was reported to have threatened Japan with an earthquake if Japan went forward with supplying Uranium to Iran."

Somehow threatening a country that has been, and continuously is, rocked by earthquakes, with an earthquake is LOL LOL LOL!

Felons Jobs said...

I love the Ultraman banner.

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