Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Train Ad in #Radioactive Japan: "Air Counter" Radiation Survey Meter to Protect Your Children!

Getting surreal by the day.

The stick-like product is called "Air Counter", and it is a simplified radiation survey meter made by S.T. Corporation. You can buy it at drug stores and convenience stores nationwide for 7,900 yen (suggested retail price). In this ad, the "Air Counter" is being sold with the book written by Professor Kunihiko Takeda of Chubu University, who has been speaking out since the early days of the nuclear accident last year to protect children.

"To protect your children, it's important to measure the radiation levels."

"Radiation contamination can be reduced for your children" if you follow the methods detailed in the book.

The photo shows the ad on the train, I think.

What's next? Full-face masks for children, perhaps? (Just like the movie "Blind" ...)

(H/T Chibaguy for the photo)


JAnonymous said...

Saw another one. Less surreal though : only two weeks left to submit your design and name for the "Fukushima card (temporary name)"

You can see the pic in the following web page :

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...


m a x l i said...

High time to lift the evacuation zones! Radiation can not harm you as long as you held such a device in your hand and measure it.

Anonymous said...

More disgusting attempts at profiting from the worst disaster in human history. Yay, capitalism! "Protect" children by measuring radiation? More like, "become more aware of how totally screwed they are".

If they really wanted to protect children, they'd be giving out free tickets to another country and free housing. But they'll never do that, because all people care about nowadays is personal profit.

Anonymous said...

Hey capitalism is working here. Would you rather rely on your government to measure radiation for you?

Chibaguy said...

@JA, that is so not right, wtf? Thank you for sharing though. Everyday things just look more and more surreal here.

Anonymous said...

It's totally messed up that such a thing is needed, but given the situation, if you can get normal people to start paying attention (especially via a cheap, easy to use device), maybe more people will speak out about radioactive marathons, sports days, and such ...

Then again, people will feel safe by measuring and somehow think they are protecting themselves when all they are doing is standing there holding a stick ...


logosky said...

That is the point.
There is a difference bettween measuring and protecting oneself...
Better not be misguided and... GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE,

Chibaguy said...

I was just sitting on the train and looked up and there was an ad for "radiation measurement instrument," and this was an instrument that suddenly could be bought fairly cheaply at convenience stores. I had to just take the picture no matter what people on the train thought. I think professor Takeda has done excellent work and will continue to do so but found it odd he is promoting it with a book. Maybe he just thinks that people will not leave no matter what so it is better to arm oneself with one of these. Enough about that, he is doing no harm. I just wish the designers did not make it look like a pregnancy test stick. Also, I hope his book advises to just leave. If such a device is needed all around a country, wrong country to be in. For all of you on the fence with a spouse and family plus mortgage, if you try hard enough to just present the facts to your family the cannot dismiss you. It is a long road but I would rather be asked by my children why did you move us in the future rather than why did you decide to stay. Trust me, not an easy decision especially considering all that you have contributed to Japan. Just my two cents as I move on. Japan is my home and I love the Japanese but facts dictate we leave. Sorry for the rant.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Chibaguy. Rant anytime you want.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:06 AM
You have a point. I don't trust the government to measure radiation either.

The government and TEPCO should be the ones forking over the costs for this kind of thing, though. Seeing it casually advertised and watching people adapt to living in an eventually fatal irradiated environment feels so wrong.

I also can't get over how these sales specifically appeal to citizens' worries and distrust of the government. It's a direct result of the government's actions, and might even be intentional. I mean, they seem to crack down hard on anyone who suggests that radiation is dangerous, but how do they react to people selling these kinds of "protection" products?

I wouldn't be surprised if the government has connections with those sellers. After all, even when faced with a disaster of this magnitude, "looting the nation" seems to be their utmost priority. I wonder if they even use those profits to ensure their own survival and get out of the country.

Anonymous said...

I also thought it was strange that it's being sold with a book. The smiling photo also feels horribly out of place. I know I wouldn't be smiling if I was trying to convince people to protect themselves from an impending doom. Maybe it's just me, but the whole thing reeks of "consumerism" and "marketing", like it's not even considered a serious matter.

Anonymous said...

For some insightful information of how to protect yourself and your family from the damaging effects of radiation pollution, please view the recent 4-part video on YouTube called:

"Protect Yourself From Radiation"

It recommends Vitamin C as an effective anti-oxidant to protect the body from the nuclear fall-out. It is an excellent source of educational information!

Anonymous said...

Since this ad may appear on trains be sure that it doesn't work properly and will never show anything worse than those 0,05 mcS/h.

m a x l i said...

Anonymous at 6:18 am said:
"The smiling photo also feels horribly out of place."

I felt the same about the crying-loud coloured packaging and the smiling photo, in the beginning. A while later it came to me that the smile completely makes sense. Question: How can you ultimately protect yourself from radiation? Answer: You hold such a device in your hand and you SMILE! Double protection, so to speak.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@anon at 7:04, actually Professor Hayakawa put this "Air Counter"side by side with two pricy survey meters. In the higher radiation locations (Fukushima, part of Chiba, etc), they were pretty much in agreement. I think he said, and others have said, that this device doesn't work well in the low-radiation areas.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I would not trust such commercially produced devices designed and manufactured in Japan at this time. Remember not so long ago the catalytic converters that by law had to be refitted on all diesal trucks in Tokyo? Turned out most were fake.

What a great plan with these air radiation devices. Advertise them, sell them cheap, and recalculate them at the design stage to show low readings. Everybody feels safe and no more false rumors.

I know, I know.... borders on conspiracy theory, but let's not forget the playbook the Japanese government has used in the past to infiltrate town hall meeting with stooges and the level of collusion on a regular basis between industry, media and government bodies and organized crime.

Simply can't be trusted.

That's why we left the country after # 3 exploded. Packed in great jobs, abandoned everything we couldn't get into a few suitcases. Very difficult decision but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Anonymous said...

Chibaguy you are just talk. You are never going to leave. Blah blah blah

Anonymous said...

It's true, Professor Kunihiko Takeda of Chubu University has done a lot to warn people about the high radiation level through his web site, albeit sometimes he is a bit heavy on exciting alarms than providing substance.

On his web site he has stated how much he wants to help warn people than other academics who prefer waiting a right moment to publish research papers that may have life-saving information. So, it is odd to see him selling his book in this way. If he has information that helps reduce children's radiation exposure, why wouldn't he give it immediately to his fellow Japanese citizens and parents free of charge? Am I seeing his real nature here? Am I too sensitive to feel sick about this whole profit making trend that is going on in Japan now?

The same goes with the Youtube video "Protect Yourself From Radiation." The sponsor, Orthomolecular Medicine group sells high dose vitamin therapy based on Linus Pauling's 1970s theory. The Japanese lead speaker in the video, Dr. Yanagisawa, is the general manager/editor of the Japanese affiliate of this group. He too sells books that say high dose vitamin C kills cancer cells, etc. (Check out the Japanese Amazon web site)

If protection against radiation is such simple as taking high dose Vitamin C, the world would not have needed to establish nuclear safety regulations and we would have no problem finding enough workers to tackle Fukushima without getting them killed.

I'm not renouncing the vitamin supplements entirely, but the mega dosage which the video and sponsoring doctors were promoting can be quite dangerous, even those Japanese citizens who're exposed to radiation.

High oral doses of Vitamin C can cause gastrointestinal damage. High intravenous dosage can cause kidney failure "due to clogging of the kidney tubules by oxalate crystals."

Furthermore, the animal experiments by Paulings' own disciple Arthur Robinson, Ph.D. revealed that that "animals fed quantities equivalent to Pauling's recommendations contracted skin cancer almost twice as frequently as the control group and that only doses of vitamin C that were nearly lethal had any protective effect..... Nearly all of the mice (that was fed the high dose Vitamin C) developed skin cancers (squamous cell carcinomas) following exposure to ultraviolet radiation. "


Anonymous said...

Chiba guy, I am in Yokosuka,and I am in the same boat.I have been trying to convince people,mostly my husband and family it is not safe here.I actually have the same air counter but the previous model (looks like a tamagochi) and I found .7micro on the street in front of my house. I informed the city and they insisted I clean it and bury it on my property. I put up a fight and got them to come out and check with the scintillator because the dirt is actually on city property and I suggested my air counter might be wrong. A week later, when they came to checked the dirt, I put the counter in the same spot as the scintillator and it gave identical readings, multiple times (.52micro was the highest we got that day). The dirt had been mixed a little and there were heavy rains between the time I got .7 and the day they came to check. Yokosuka city safety limit for parks and schools is .59 micro so they didn't have to clean it up, but because it was dirt on the road they sent a clean up crew the next day and told the clean up guys the dirt was checked and was not found to be radioactive. When we asked what would happen to this dirt, they told us it would be recycled because it was regular dirt. We insisted the city come back out to check the radiation levels of the cleaned up spot and the dirt. When the city came out, the clean up crew was suprised to see there was actually radiation in the dirt. We said they should mark the bags and keep them separated from normal recylable dirt until Yokosuka comes up with a plan of what to do with it. we then followed them to the place they would keep the dirt. You can watch the video of this whole thing on youtube sakuramane2004.We had the dirt tested at a lab and there is 5700 bq of cs 134 and 137 combined. It is scary to think they are making decisions on the safety of dirt based on microsv instead of bq. This dirt is considered safe based on it is under.59 micro/hr but it exceeds the legal limit for recycling of 100 bq. I am currently fighting the city on this issue. Some change might come of it. I hope to get the safety limit lowered and I hope to get them to base their decisions on bq not mivrosv. All in all, I think having an air counter is unfortunately necessary for us to help to make any change while we are here and to help to provide proof via real data to our loved one's who think we are overreacting. Yesterday my 7th grade daughter was given a letter to bring home. Her mandatory medical check came back showing a problem with her heart.I can't bare to think of this anymore, even if her heart problem turns out to be nothing, even if it is something, there is no way to know if it is radiation related but given the info I have on what is around my house, no one can rule out the possibilty that it is related to exposure to radiation. If it turns out to be serious, I can't live with myself and I pray I would have the strength and love of God in me to be able to forgive those who have been trying to persuade me to stay by telling me it is safe and I am just thinking too much. I have been praying for truth and peace of mind throughout this whole ordeal and God has been providing. I am not crazy and neither are you. If you are in Chiba you are in a worse place than me. By the mercies and grace of God, If it is in His will, we will get out. I will be praying for your family, please pray for mine. Sorry for my rant,too.

Anonymous said...

I'll have the prime rib, extra cesium, with a side order of vitamin C and Potassium Iodide.

Anonymous said...

Well get the hell out of Japan while you can, if you can.
Here in New Zealand we are registering fallout in the rain. No one knows how it is getting here, or why, but it is here.
My front lawn 24 hour average has gone from 0.12 to 0.195 microSieverts per hour since January and is still climbing. The rain deposits materials which are active, and no one knows what it is - because the government won't release their readings for "2 years, but our readings are safe, trust us!" while many people are recording radiation. One person in Dunedin recorded 1.89 microSieverts per hour in Dunedin in free air in his street!!!
West Coasters who survive on roof water are recording 4 times background in their water tanks!
This is New Zealand, the government will never release the figures, because NZ is "Clean and Green" as a tourist destination. Commercial air traffic from Japan and their passengers are leaving radioactive signatures inside the planes.
Australia is recording larger measurements. Someone in Brisbane recorded 8 microSieverts per hour in the wind on their beach!


Anonymous said...

Let me ask a simple question - "What help is one of these if, you have already been blanketed with radiation?" How does it make one be "safe?"

Also, who is the tool on the package? Dressed in a suit...does that mean it's "official?"

It's too late for you people in Japan. Just like it's too late for the people in Alaska, Hawaii, and the USA. Plus, Europe, Asia, Australia, etc!

Finally, "simple common sense" has caught up with the, "profit margins"!

But, the power plants have melted the air, water, and food are polluted and hot particles are in everyone's lungs, doing the cancer dance.

Wow a proven FACT - "Stupid is, what stupid does!"

jay said...

I would figure it would have been Hello Kitty brand.

Atomfritz said...

Very useful post-nuclear-age item :)

Even if not very sensitive and precise, it will be of great use for finding hotspots when picnicking etc.
For non-Japanese it would be a good preparation to have one in case of a nuke accident nearby.

Nanook said...

As huge of a disaster as this was, I think it's worth noting that in Chernobyl, while they've had thousands of cases of thyroid cancer result, only a handful of deaths almost thirty years later. Many people refused to leave the exclusion zone and yet are healthier than many people living in big cities away from radiation. I'm not suggesting radiation is good for you but it's just one of many physical insults we endure. Cancer rates will undoutably go up some, life span down some, life will go on.

Radiation isn't distributed evenly, having portable meters will allow people to be aware of hot spots and avoid them. I wish I had one here in the US because I know our government doesn't tell us what goes on here.

John Walter said...

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