Saturday, June 30, 2012

OT: TV Asahi Corporation Claims TEPCO Video as Their Own

Funny things have happened in the past 15 months, and this is the latest.

I got an email from Youtube telling me one of the videos I uploaded on my Youtube channel last year is in copyright violation and Youtube is penalizing my account status. I went to look at which video and what entity is claiming the violation.

After all, all the videos I post there is directly from TEPCO's Photos and Videos page, with the explicit word from TEPCO that the use of the videos and photos on the page does not need a written permission. The video in question is right from that page, as with any other videos that I have posted.

It is the video from October last year, in which TEPCO employees investigated the upper floors of Reactor 1 building, braving the high radiation.

Is TEPCO claiming the copyright violation?

No it was TV Asahi Corporation.


I've disputed the claim as preposterous on Asahi's part to claim TEPCO's video as their own. During the dispute, the video is still on my channel. The video is always available on TEPCO's site (in Japanese, and in English).

It's quite puzzling, pointless, nothing short of harassment.

I remember Yomiuri claimed the copyright of the aerial footage of the plant taken by the Self Defense Force last year, and the video was taken down.

It also attests to the laziness of Youtube, who simply takes the word of any entity claiming "copyright".


zichi said...

I have had claims from YouTube my video's contain copyright material even when it was my own video but they have never taken them down just something about ad's might appear?

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Don't know. I don't use ads on the videos I uploaded.

Scott said...

This most likely has to do with flip-floppy Youtube favoring the claimers rather than taking a short time out to realize most claims are groundless.

I like Youtube but it's become something it originally wasn't. I hope another online streaming community eventually meets or overtakes its viewership. I think BLIPTV or something similar would be nice.

Anonymous said...

ian goddard

Victims of the fragile corner of YouTube where complaints are used to disrupt the information stream by those with vested interests.

Anonymous said...

Don't let the bastards get you, Primavera. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

What the hell happened to the old left-leaning Asahi? Hardly a word regarding the protests in front of the Prime Minister's Office, but "opposition to the US Osprey" deployment remains the 200 people demonstrating in Okinawa over the USMC Osprey trumps over 100,000 demonstrating on the Prime Minister's doorstep?

Yomiuri is even worse. Japan's media looks like Pravda during the Soviet heyday.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

I guess Asahi has always been a good old "controlled opposition", after all. Yomiuri at least makes no pretense.

Anonymous said...

@everyone ,

Motivation comes in all forms, but we must behave smartly. We need to hit where it hurts the matrix the most. Some ideas:

#1. Inform. True information clears the deck. It neutralizes the effects of the enemy’s propaganda. That has to be done first.

#2. Live in alignment with your convictions. We can’t speak truth to the lie while living within its bondage. Break free, in any and every way we can. Screw the consequences if it’s matrix stuff. Not worth worrying about. “Lead, follow, or get out of the way” as they say.

#3. Persist. As we follow on in a conviction of the power of Truth and Love it will lead each of us on to more ways of having a greater effect.

#4. Teach others. Mainly by example. If you live a committed life and have paid the price of giving up your cozy life of security for one of spiritual fulfillment and helping to change the world, others will follow. We don’t cram anything down anyone’s throats. We live by example and share the enlightening Truth that will only speak for itself.

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