Saturday, July 21, 2012

#Anti-Nuclear Japan: EdaNO! Protest in Omiya City, Saitama (Mr. Yukio Edano's Constituency)

Following the last week's success, they are at it again, protesting in Omiya City against the restart of Ooi Nuke Plant and against Mr. Edano himself, calling out loud, "EdaNO, YameRO! (Edano, resign!)" with accent on "NO" and "RO".

The crowd looks less than last week, but just as noisy and vigorous.

Come to think about it, Japan has come a long way. Now ordinary citizens are calling the sitting minister of one of the most powerful ministries in the Japanese government without "Mr.".

Live Video streaming by Ustream

I like these local events. There are no fences, there are no orange cones. People are shouting about all kinds of issues.

"No No EdaNO!"
"Genpatsu Iranai, Edano mo Iranai!" (We don't need nuke plants, we don't need Edano)
"Zo-zei Iranai!" (We don't need tax increase!)

and "Let's vote them out in election. Let's vote out Edano!"

I wonder if people in Goshi Hosono's constituency are doing any protest...


Chibaguy said...

As someone that watched Edano live in Japan declaring everything is safe while we all wandered about in fallout I have nothing but contempt for this man. He was the face everyone looked to for truth and he just lied through his teeth. These politicians are worthless and may the Japanese further rise to make it so.

Today while watching Sumo, someone from the cabinet handout a trophy after Harumafuji's win. I swear I could hear people screaming "you idiot, just shut up.". The crowd even applauded it.

kintaman said...

I am 100% in agreement with Chibaguy. Edano is a lying traitor to Japan (humanity). I will always remember his statements on TV saying "no immediate impact to human health". I stood in disbelief at his words but have since grown wiser to their motives (save the economy from full collapse). Of course we all know $$ > human life to these people.

IMO this man (Edano), his family and all like him should be put to work at Fukushima Daiichi forever. I have said this repeatedly and been criticized for it being too harsh but nothing could be too harsh for these enemies of humanity. Their crimes and deceptions are beyond mercy IMO.

Anonymous said...

Yukio Edano would say anything to get votes and fatten his wallet. He has absolutely no hesitation to lie for his own gain and political power, even at the expense of Japanese children's lives and future of Japan.

How many times the world watched him come on press conferences and TVs to declare "there is no danger, no health risk, no meltdown."

Yukio Edano, I nominate him for crime against humanity.

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