Sunday, July 8, 2012

July 8 EdaNO! Protest Against Nuke Plant Restart & Yukio Edano in Omiya City, Saitama (Mr. Edano's Constituency)

I just missed the USTREAM live netcast, but there were several hundred people gathered in Omiya City in Saitama Prefecture to protest against the Ooi Nuclear Power Plant restart and against Mr. Yukio Edano, whose constituency is Omiya City.

Mr. Edano was Chief Cabinet Secretary in March last year under Prime Minister Kan, and he was the voice and the face of the government and administration dealing with the nuclear accident and radiation contamination (of which he was instrumental in de-emphasizing and diminishing the severity). His refrain of "There is no immediate effect" at his press conferences in those days will be forever remembered by the Japanese people. He is the current Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry.

According to the tweets of people who were watching the USTREAM (IWJ's channel), they even stopped in front of the huge mansion of Edano and protested. Residents of Omiya City were seen receiving the anti-nuke and anti-Edano flyers from the protesters. Way to go, people.

I'm watching the video recorded live. Ordinary people, quietly walking the main street of Omiya City. As they walk and are warmed up, they start to shout very funny slogans. They also have an excellent collection of hand-made signs and banners.

Screenshot of the USTREAM video (recorded live, still available for a little while), organizers of the event and their handmade sign featuring Mr. EdaNO:

Look at the caricature of Mr. Edano in the screenshot below. The words say "Let's immediately un-elect EdaNO! Goodbye Nuclear [Goodbye] EdaNO! Protest Executive Committee". Take a close look at a yellow balloon that's coming out of Mr. EdaNO's behind. It is a "vent":

People are yelling "Usotsuki EdaNO!" (Liar Edano, with emphasis on NO), "Sayonara EdaNO!", "Don't take us for fools!" "Don't lie to us!", "NO, NO, Eh-Dah-NO!, NO, NO, Eh-Dah-NO!" Then, "Edano wa Jiko Bengoshi." "Jiko bengo" is to defend oneself, make excuse for oneself. "Bengoshi" is an attorney. Edano is an attorney.

This man's sign on his back says "He that will lie will become EdaNO!":

Ah...this is fun.

I think this is Mr. Edano's house. It looks like a fortress (just like TEPCO's former chairman Katsumata's house in central Tokyo):

People are shouting, "EdaNO, Yamero! (Resign!), EdaNO, Yamero!" It rhymes. Sort of. They shouted "Resign!" in front of Mr. Edano's district office in the city center.

Well, Mr. EdaNO is extremely unlikely to resign, so he has to be un-elected, come the Lower House election.


Anonymous said...

Didn't this pig send his daughter to US "ryugaku" immediately after 311?

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

I heard the rumor he sent his family to Singapore. I wonder what happened to that one.

Anonymous said...

What a great event! Wish I had seen it in person. Congratulations to all who participated.

Also it occurs to me that a serious journalist might want to follow EdaNO's family around in their shopping, or failing that, sort through their trash. I'd be surprised to see any east Japan products in their grocery cart.

Anonymous said...

Way to go people! I really hope he heard the voices of protesters.

Anonymous said...

Edano should be thrown in prison, fucking sociopath, misled a whole nation to protect his own ass... oh wait thats the whole japanese political system ...

Anonymous said...

As far as I recall, initially Edano was saying "there is no threat to health", later he switched to "no immediate threat". When that happened I booked a flight to my home country. I will never forget his press conferences.


Janick in Tokyo said...

Congratulations to the protesters ! It looks like the slogans were as funny as those in Noda's hometown in Funabashi, a few weeks back. I have only praise for the Japanese's creativity and sense of humour. Great !

Anonymous said...

Democrat member “The center of gov is getting scared of the protest. They will start blocking.”

Posted by Mochizuki on July 7th, 2012

Anonymous said...

Soon the children will start to die.

The protests will no longer be intellectual or funny.

The senseless destruction of innocent human life will enrage the survivors.

There will be no more tolerance or patience. For some there will be nothing left to lose.

The powerful men who refused to evacuate the children, the men who insisted that food from Fukushima is safe to eat, the men who sent radioactive debris all over Japan for burning, the politicians and bureaucrats who refused to clean up hot spots. All of these sociopaths will come to know their mistakes and they will have real fear for their very lives.

This is not a threat. I am neither planning, nor am I advocating violence. This is a prophecy, a commentary on the direction Japan seems to be heading.

It does not have to be this way. If those in power want to change their fate, their only hope is to demonstrate immediate contrition and take concrete, bold steps to correct their mistakes - before it is too late for redemption. But I am not at all optimistic that these sociopaths will accept this course.

Of course men like Ambassador Roos could explain this to the Japanese leaders, if he were a senior statesman. Maybe Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter could lend a helping hand, if Hillary would yield control. Or perhaps the Emperor could counsel the leaders, if they would listen to him.

As for me, I continue to pray for a 2.5 million miracles - to prevent the 2.5 million premature deaths predicted by the experts whose voices have not yet been silenced.

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