Tuesday, October 16, 2012

OT: US Presidential Debate No.2 in Word Clouds

via Zero Hedge (10/16/2012):

Obama: Governor Romney just got going sure want people jobs

Romney: People get going jobs four years president

Anheuser-Busch provided free beer crafted in small batches to the reporters.


Anonymous said...

Word clouds are so symbolic of our age. Meaning broken down to the smallest possible fragments, till there is no meaning left at all.
Not that those two puppets are ever terribly meaningful.

Speaking of suspect meanings, has anyone here ever wondered what the hell enenews.com really is?
I certainly am, as of a few days ago.
Explanation here: http://everist.org/archives/Fukushima/ene_boat_crap/readme.txt


Anonymous said...

Its all Newspeak, whittle words down to their most basic and keep people in total ignorance...!

Anonymous said...

Romney: Jobs Going for Years, People Get President

Anonymous said...

TH, to the best of my recollection as far as I ever heard eN was an upstart site by an attourney, one who went so far as to make the disclaimer that the site was in no way intended to enable any legal actions relating to the incident at fuku.

Quite sensationalized from day one, I might add. But it got people asking questions in a time of conspicuously absent answers. Personally I don't visit the site simply because I don't feel like spending a lot of time vetting their supposed "headlines".

Anonymous said...

So will you boys please (pretty please!) stop repeating that silly thing about Obama not being able to speak without a teleprompter? We cannot all be like Bill Clinton and remember everything and be master speakers on the spur of the moment. But we all saw from the second debate that Obama can speak without a teleprompter, so stop it. You are wrong.

Anonymous said...

Anon above, you're entitled to your opinion. We're entitled to ours. By the way, how much are you paid to post? 50 cents?

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