Sunday, October 7, 2012

PM Noda Visits J-Village, #Fukushima I Nuke Plant: "As a Citizen of Japan, I Thank You."

So far, the news is out on his morning visit to J-Village in Naraha-machi, Fukushima, where met with workers who had remained at the plant during the early days of the nuclear accident, and thanked them for their effort.

Why does he bother? Jiji says it's to show people that the Fukushima nuclear accident is still the number one priority for the administration. For what? At this point, I haven't a clue.

From Jiji Tsushin (10/07/2012):


Prime Minister Noda to visit Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, to thank the workers


Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda is in Fukushima Prefecture on October 7 to visit Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. It will be the second time [for Mr. Noda] to visit the scene of the nuclear accident since September last year, when he became the prime minister. He has been re-elected as the leader of Democratic Party of Japan, and has reshuffled his cabinet to strengthen his position. With the visit, he intends to show that the Fukushima nuclear accident continues to be the first priority for the administration.


Prime Minister visited the J-Village in Naraha-machi, which has been the staging area for the accident response work. He met with the workers who had remained at the plant despite danger right after the start of the nuclear accident in March last year, and thanked them by saying, "You must have suffered such hardships that you can't even begin to tell us. I would like to thank you, as a citizen of Japan, for your strenuous effort in the middle of fear and harsh environment."

Harsh is an understatement.

I don't know if the quote by Jiji Tsushin is verbatim or abbreviation. I would have liked him to say that and more, as the prime minister of the national government whose official, national policy has been to pursue nuclear energy, instead of as one citizen.

Before he went to J-Village, Noda also met with the policemen patrolling the 20-kilometer radius no-entry zone. According to Yomiuri TV, he thanked them by saying:


"As the prime minister, and as a citizen of Japan, I offer my profound respect and appreciation. Thank you very much."

From the words, Mr. Noda seems to appreciate policemen more than the Fuku-I workers.


Anonymous said...

Too bad this story isn't about Noda joining all the other top official in government and the nuclear industry for an enforced disaster clean up that doesn't end until they die. Where are all the John Galt's of Japan and why are they depending on "peons" to clean up the mess they made? Fukushima is a perfect example of why Ayn Rand is full of shit and why her books cater to greedy morons. She never wrote a book about what happens when her precious "supermen" screw up royal and the unwashed masses have to step in to save the day.

Anonymous said...

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arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

anon above, hehehehehe...

Anonymous said...

As prime minister Noda should have thanked the workers by doing something concrete for them: proper insurance coverage against cancer, heavy fines on Tepco for not providing dosimeters to all workers and disqualification of the involved subcontracting companies, proper remuneration (eliminate most intermediate subcontracting layers) and these are just some ideas, I am sure there is more.
If accurately reported, thanking the workers as private citizen is close to an insult... did he travel to Fukushima on his private car without escort?

By the way, it looks like Shizuoka prefecture assembly will deny its citizens request to hold a referendum on the restart of the Hamaoka npp. As this nuclear crisis unfolds this country looks less and less like a democracy.

Anonymous said...

In Shizuoka prefecture they could gather 165,000 valid signatures asking for a referendum. This kind of number, if scaled to national level, in other countries would grant a mandatory referendum, without asking permission to the parliament. Shizuoka assembly unanimously rejected the request.

Darth 3/11 said...

Google translation of 4.21 Anonymous...and it is pretty funny...

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