Sunday, November 11, 2012

Goshi Hosono: "Japan Will Really Go Down the Drain Without a Couple of People Like Myself..."

Is that so, Mr. Hosono?

At this point, all I can do is to do what's good for repelling radioactive materials - laughing out loud. LOL. Better yet, ROFLMAO, to get some more exercise.

Goshi "Do you think this craft piece is contaminated? Do you?" Hosono, ex-Minister of the Environment and current chairman of DPJ policy bureau (what policy, that's another issue), said to his eager audience in Tokyo that he is preparing himself for shouldering the burden of governing the country. Like a hero in a Greek tragedy.

From Jiji Tsushin (11/12/2012):


DPJ's Hosono "I'll start preparing for carrying the country on my back" (becoming the prime minister of Japan)


DPJ's Goshi Hosono, chairman of the party's policy bureau, gave a speech in Tokyo in the morning of November 12, in which he said, "We need the vision for domestic and foreign policies that one has to have in order to carry the nation forward, and we need the network of people to realize that vision. And I want to start preparation", indicating his eagerness to run in the DPJ leadership election in the future.


While Mr. Hosono said "It's not that I have to become the prime minister", he continued, "Japan will really go down the drain without a couple of people like me. Looking at Nagata-cho [the national government] today, there are too few politicians who are preparing themselves for the governing of the nation."

Schoedinger's cat is dead; the cat is alive. It's all wonderful world of endless possibilities until you open the door, collapse the possibilities and face the reality. Many in Japan, including Hosono, have chosen to live in the endless possibilities.


Anonymous said...

It's obvious that he and the people like him have always had this kind of mindset. Delusional self-importance.

Anonymous said...

another delusional psycopath that Japan is becoming famous for , except most japanese dont even think outside of the autopilot they are on in their daily lives...... also did anyone see the story of billions of yen being missappropriated that was earmarked for tohoku? ... total corruption.

Musa Kocaman said...

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Anonymous said...

@1:22 AM
I heard the same thing happened in Iraq and Haiti, as well as Hurricane Katrina.

It's as if humans are only interested in building new things or destroying each other, and not repairing or recovering.

Maybe it has something to do with modern consumer mindset? "Why repair when you can just buy a new one?"

Anonymous said...

Fantasy delusions make the world go round. The problem is most people don't want to hear the truth so clowns like this can thrive in that environment. When someone offers to carry the country on his back how can you pass up an offer like that? When he screws up it isn't the public's fault "it was that jerk Hosono". It is the same in the US Bush was Mr. "Mission Accomplished" and Obama Is Mr. "Yes You Can't". (and both served two terms!) I doubt many people will get into public office on a platform of facts and personal responsibility on the part of the public.

"also did anyone see the story of billions of yen being missappropriated that was earmarked for tohoku?"

No, but it wouldn't be out of the ordinary the same thing happened in the Chernobyl region. They have been begging the world for funds to build a new high tech sarcophagus for decades but the international community is reluctant because so many billions in aid were misappropriated if not outright stolen early in the world funded portion of the remediation. Tohoku is going to become a political funding buzz word not unlike "education" anytime the government needs extra general revenue.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Re: misappropriation of funds, Japan has been doing it for, let's see, past 14 hundred years or so on any government projects. What's laughable about it is that only now people (some people) are catching up. And politicians feign indignation. Naivete hurts.

Anonymous said...

Such arrogance. Go sit on a fuel pool Hosono.

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