Friday, December 14, 2012

LDP Leader Shinzo "Curry Rice with Pork Cutlet on Top" Abe Scolds Old Man Who Scolded Him for Grabbing JR Train Seat, Barks at the Man, Then Pretends to Be Asleep

A rich, spoiled third-generation brat of a politician and former prime minister with a chronic stomach problem was in Shizuoka Prefecture, giving campaign speech, when he was confronted by an angry elderly citizen...

As Asahi Shinbun reported (cache, 12/14/2012):

15・30 自民党の安倍総裁が遊説のため、静岡県内をJR東海道線の普通列車で移動中、初老の男性に注意される。JR職員がおさえていた席に、後から乗ってきた安倍氏が座ったため。男性は安倍氏の隣に立って苦言を続ける。安倍氏はしばらく聞いていたが、「だから、すみませんって言ってるじゃないか」と怒り、その後は座ったまま目を閉じる。男性は隣に立ち続けた。

3:30PM LDP President Abe was scolded by a elderly citizen when he was on the regular train on JR Tokaido Line as he was moving around in Shizuoka Prefecture for campaign speeches. It was because the seat was held by a JR personnel, and Mr. Abe took the seat even though Abe boarded the train after the elderly citizen. Standing right next to Mr. Abe, the citizen kept complaining. Mr. Abe listened for a while, but got angry and burst out, "I said I'm sorry, didn't I?" Then he continued to sit, with his eyes closed. The citizen kept standing next to Mr. Abe.

The LDP President who's been preaching national virtue and morals and further promoting nuclear power had a JR personnel hold a train seat for him, took the seat, robbing the elderly citizen of his seat, and got angry when the citizen complained. Some virtue.

I wonder if he paid for the train fare.

Nonetheless, his party is, according to Asahi and all the other major media outlets in Japan, set to win at least 280 seats, a huge jump from the current 119.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

In case of Japan, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on you. Fool me three times, shame on you. Fool me four times, shame on you. Fool me five times, shame on you. Fool me six times, shame on you. Et ad infinitum.


Anonymous said...

I hope the seat was radioactive and that he absorbed all of it into his buttcheeks.

Anonymous said...

Listening to the CNN psychologist talk about the shooter in Connecticut, I couldn't help but think that Japan's politicians share the same inability to empathize...

Stop nuclear power. Pay for the damage of Fukushima.

Anonymous said...

As a 20 year resident of Japan, I have only this to say to the Japanese public: If you vote these right-wing fascists like Abe back into power you will truly deserve what you get. There can be no more excuses or pleas of ignorance. These are the same clowns that created this incredible mess and now you are giving back power to them. It is just as if your house was torched by a serial arsonist and you then pay the arsonist to build you a new house. The level of ignorance in this country is mind-boggling!

Anonymous said...

Level of ignorance everywhere is mind-boggling.

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