Tuesday, December 25, 2012

#Radioactive Japan Under LDP: Shintaro Ishihara's Son to Become Minister of the Environment and Minister for Nuclear Plants

What an in-your-face insult to citizens of Japan, particularly for people in Kanto and Tohoku contaminated by radioactive materials from the nuclear accident, and even more so for the workers at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant.

Nobuteru Ishihara is the eldest son of the irascible ex-Governor of Tokyo Shintaro Ishihara, for now teaming up with the boy-wonder of Osaka City. (He didn't inherit his uncle (Yujiro Ishihara)'s good looks or charisma, unfortunately.)

In the early days of the nuclear crisis last year, Mr. Nobuteru Ishihara was the one who said that citizens should be banned from measuring radioactivity using their personal survey meter. His ostensible reason was that the survey meters may not be "accurate". It turned out the government's monitoring stations have been inaccurate.

In June last year, he was the one who called the anti-nuclear movement as "mass hysteria".

He was also the one who compared Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant to Aum Shinrikyo, a cult that was responsible for the sarin gas attack on the subway in 1995. Ishihara referred to Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant as "Fukushima I Satyam". "Satyam" is the word that Aum Shinrikyo followers used to designate their facilities.

(Aum Shinrikyo is alive and well, by the way. The name has been changed, and they are increasing followers in Japan.)

Under the prime minister whose proof of being fit to govern was to gobble up the curry rice with pork cutlet on top, Ishihara will be in charge of decontamination (or lack thereof) and ending the nuclear accident (probably by ignoring it). Needless to say, he is all for restarting nuclear power plants.

It won't be long that people start thinking fondly about Goshi Hosono and his disaster debris craft dolls. (At least Hosono is better-looking.)

I wonder if Ishihara is going to receive double salaries for the double positions. A minister in a Japanese cabinet makes about 37 million yen (about US$434,000) a year. For many workers in Japan, that would be 10 years worth of salaries.

Even Goshi Hosono declined to receive two salaries for his double duty as Minister of the Environment and the Minister in charge of nuclear plants/Fukushima accident.


JAnonymous said...

Indeed, that would be 10 times my salary.

What a great lump of a jerk minister to find in my stockings on Christmas.

Looking at the pic above, somehow, I can't help thinking he looks like GW Bush...

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Even Georgie Bush would be insulted, JA...

Anonymous said...

LDP must go. This appointment goes beyond insulting.

Apolline said...

OT about Japan :

14 recommandations from Dr Helen Caldicott (24 august 2012)
In english :

In japanese :

Anonymous said...

In a way it, it is good to have a moronic firebrand like this in charge. He will be very effective at animating opposition and revealing the true nature of LDP policies.

Scott said...

What a slimy bastard. I doubt the news will raise any stink over this misappropriation of public funds. This is just so wrong especially during a completely obvious deflation period paired with the disaster aftermath in the north. Totally, totally wrong.

Anonymous said...

It remains to be seen who gives credence to a finger waving loony in plum trousers.

Anonymous said...

Nobuteru Ishihara (石原 伸晃) has no expertise in nuclear, environmental protection, physics, radiology, industrial plant management, geology, nor in public health, quality control and management or any sciences.

His statements as a politician clearly indicates he is an ignorance-bent, egoistic, anti-populace dictator just like his father.

Only thing that the son and father, Nobuteru Ishihara (石原 伸晃) and Shintaro Ishihara (石原 慎太郎), thoroughly qualify is CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY in the world court.

Anonymous said...

"My eyes are up here, stop looking at my ridiculous purple pimp pants"

"My first decree is the words radiation and radioactive will be from this time forward referred to as "normal" as in this food is "normal" those children are "normal"".

"Next all radiation levels below 100mSv per hour will be rounded down to 0 so as not to confuse or frighten the public".

"Lastly all nuclear power plants are declared safe along with anything "normal they produce if you get sick it is cause by your hysteria over baseless rumors".

VyseLegendaire said...

This is a pretty epic appointment I must say.

Anonymous said...

CATS liked purple too, I hope he's saying

"All your base are belong to us!"


Anonymous said...

Nice pants, Blinky II.

Darth 3.11 said...

Why can't this loon at least spend some of his criminally high salary to hire a decent tailor? The fit of those trousers is hideous. As is the thought of appointing him instead of someone actually "qualified".

Anonymous said...

You think he took dressing-down too far?

The curse of the incongruoustrousers,forevermore haunted by his own trews!?!

A hollow head full of water and Plum trousers,the choice of the discerning Kappa.

Anonymous said...

"All your "baseless rumors" are belong to us!"

Anonymous said...

Kitana across the neck please. That's the ultimate cure for morons like this.

NipponReptilian said...

He is an obvious terrorist in Japan. His father is also the Papa Bush quality terrorist. He would like to kill all of you by fuming out plutonium and cesium from Japan. Ishihara family are all reptilians who would love to kill humans.

Most of Japanese politicians have slit in their eyes including new Prime minister, Abe. You can say that Japan is the Empire of Draconians and Reptilians who love to go to WWIII with China and kill as many people as possible.

Unknown said...

Nice pants dude!

Japan Election "An Incredible Dissociation From Public Opinion"

Anonymous said...

See who got financial and military control over Occupied Japan after MacArthur left the scene. Then take notes and let it sink in. Then see how Bush41 and Rockefeller chummed around.

Anonymous said...

"Tokyo is almost as irradiated as Fukushima" See link below :


arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Anon above, I checked the link, and check back the links to the original source. That was a gross mistranslation and misrepresentation, intentionally or unintentionally, of what is on the original source (Japanese paper).

What the Kyoto University researcher said was:

"It turns out that not just Fukushima but many areas in the Tokyo Metropolitan region have been contaminated to the level of controlled area."

And what is the definition of "controlled area" that the researcher Koide uses? 4Bq/cm2 or 40,000Bq/m2 for alpha particles, 40Bq/cm2 or 400,000Bq/m2 for non-alpha particles. They are the contamination limits in the areas where only qualified radiation workers like Koide can enter and work.

He's saying part of Tokyo region is contaminated to the same level as the place of his work, but he isn't saying Tokyo is just as contaminated as Fukushima.

It makes a good headline but not true.

NipponReptilian said...

I live in the US, but I bought Yamasa & Kikkoman soy source made near Tokyo. I checked their website for the food safety of their soy source, and then I was surprised. They are insisting that their products are safe, but their website said that their products should be lower than 60 becquerel. 60 becquerel!!! That is too high radiation for me!!! Even 10 becquerel can ruin my health!!! Eventually, my Japanese soy source went to underground in my yard.

Anonymous said...

Maybe like the British Redcoats of yore he too chose a colour based upon moral,is he,like the US Navy,bleeding out the anus?

Anonymous said...


They use Camo these day's so soldiers do not see and are thus not demoralised by a dead soldier.

Tepco uses Tyvek so in the unlikely event that you the viewer see a walking corpse you are not demoralised by the shabby clothing beneath,never undestanding it's poor people cleaning up the mess after the wealthies banquet.

Anonymous said...

If my geiger picks up more than 36 cpm i wouldn't eat it.

60x60=3600 cpm or thereabouts,i wouldn't eat an ore sample.

Anonymous said...

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