Tuesday, February 12, 2013

#Radioactive Japan: Decontamination Burned Down a House in #Fukushima City

Decon workers dispatched by Fukushima City used a blowtorch to melt snow in order to decontaminate a house. Instead of decontaminating, they managed to burn down the entire house.

Blowtorch?? Yes, decon contractors are free to use any method, including blowtorch, as there is no rule or regulation as to how they are supposed to remove snow in the decon manual.

Why they are doing this decon stuff in the snowy winter is a mystery to me.

From Yomiuri Shinbun (2/10/2013):


Workers used blowtorch to melt snow in order to decontaminate, uninhabited house burned down


At 10:40AM on February 9, there was a fire from an uninhabited house in Hamada-machi in Fukushima City. The fire burned down the single-story wooden house of about 176 square meters. The fire was extinguished about an hour later, and there was no injury.


According to the city, workers were using a blowtorch to melt the snow in the city-ordered decontamination work in the yard of the house. The Fukushima local police is carefully assessing the situation.


According to the police, the house belongs to Ms. Shizuko Onuma (age 62), a restaurant owner in the city. The house is in a residential area along the Route 4. There is a kindergarten 50 meters from the house, and at one point 8 kindergarteners were evacuated. There is no regulation as to how to remove snow as part of the decontamination work. The city is asking the contractor for details.

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Anonymous said...

fucking idiots..

Anonymous said...

They should torch the whole area

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is a way to claim some insurance money? Albeit, not a good way. But then the gov and TEPHOE have not been very compensatory.

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Anonymous said...

We haven't had one of your insightful "#Radioactive Japan" editorials on the topic of decontamination in quite a while.

Here is some feedstock for you...

Could the implied good news here be real, that Japan Inc is finally cracking open the door to international vendors?


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