Friday, March 8, 2013

#Fukushima Prefecture Promo Video: "Get Drunk on Fukushima - Fukushima Is Here, Unchanged, To This Day - Future for Fukushima"

All paid for by the country's taxpayers.

(Unchanged?? To this day??)


Anonymous said...

What's the problem? Great way not to feel guilty if you get sick…
Doctor, my liver can't take it - it's the caesium!

Darth 3.11 said...

This really is a lovely video. Pretty girl, nice man, beautiful nature.The map shows that Homare Shuzo is over the mountains and far from the npp.
Every one of the 64 sake breweries should include a map of where they are located. Those too near the npp, have they stopped production?

Of course, I would wonder where the rice comes from. Can they promise it is not from cheap, contaminated sake rice? The sake is probably uncontaminated, but we all know the veracity of such claims is contaminated itself by the constant truth-dodging about food etc from Fukushima/Tohoku. Everyone has to think for themselves.

My problem with the assumptions in this video...
1) Why does "wine-like" sake and fruity sake appeal to foreigners and there is no such claim for that fabulous looking daiginjo? Straight up sake won't appeal to foreigners? A rather rude assumption. I think they are really going for the female market in Japan, not foreigners so much.
2) "Get drunk on Fukushima" is not an appealing slogan. "Raise a toast to Fukushima" might be better.
3) And, yeah, don't they see the irony in "Future from Fukushima". "No thanks!" is my automatic response.
4) What nitwit came up with obvious bounder of "Fukushima is here unchanged to this day"--about the ONE place on EARTH that has seen the MOST change, and not in a good way?

Anyway, folks, let's continue to enjoy Fukushima sake, as long as it is made far from the npp area.

Anonymous said...

Great comments, Darth! And a well made ad for the Sake industry of Fukushima which lulls us into thinking that it really doesn't matter that down the road lies the remains of the worlds worst nuclear catastrophe since Chernobyl. You don't see ads like this made near Kiev.
Clever guy, and nice photography, a once wonderful industry and beautiful part of Japan...ruined. There are so many reasons why Nuclear power doesn't suit Japan. In fact so many arguments why Japanese culture and its many manifestations just dont suit trying to meet the needs of a modern age that relies on nuclear.
Japan is losing 1 million population/year. Population will go sub 100m in less than 25 years. We need less energy of the dangerous kind and more energy of the friendly, renewable kind combined with energy efficiency and a realization that the future is going to look more like the distant past than the last 50 years of growth growth growth.
I see the final comment about Fukushima being unchanged as proof that they just cant let go of the old paradigm-this is the real tragedy.
As to sake, a wonderful drink, I have given up drinking anywhere north of Hiroshima. Sorry, that's just the way it is. I wish it was different and I'd love to believe it was all ok, but simply dont believe the 'baseless rumour' preachers.
God help Fukushima and all those affected by the ONGOING nuclear accident.

Anonymous said...

Just give the people what they want; 'Nothing has changed'. Doesn't matter if it not correct, the average level of most people doesn't go any further than the most popular soap on the TV.
And if you think different, you must be spreading baseless rumors.

Anonymous said...

I think the "get drunk" is perfectly ironic, because people get drunk to forget their troubles and that's clearly what's been happening there.

Anonymous said...

heres an idea, view this video in youtube and click flag as innapropriate, it will get taken down , the people who put this shit up need a dose of reality... crazy propoganda, fight back..

Anonymous said...

Someone was drunk when they made the promo video, that's for sure.

arclight said...

clean water.. useful... at least the safecast crew know how to check out the sake first (video of more sake drinking - WARNING - do not try to copy this at home as these are trained proffessionals! ... WITH ACCESS TO A SPECTROMETER :) )

Anonymous said...

Quality and taste of saké related on water, yes : did'nt you see the little green dick that pisses out water at around minute 2 ? Women should like it.
It was the rice, now it's water.
Grown in contaminated soils, kept in grain elevators in contaminated air, washed and fermented with contaminated water. Why not heated with contaminated debris ?
Let's get drunk, Fuku is ahead of a wonderfull recovery.

Anonymous said...

Notice the the video on youtbe has disabled comments and ratings... this is a total fucking propoganda piece... please flag it as innapropriate on the you tube channel..

jmdesp said...

The thing is that the ethanol this sake contains is a more potent carcinogenic than a small quantity of cesium.

Ethanol rises the likelihood of mouth, esophagus, pharynx, larynx, colorectal, liver, stomach, and for women ovaries and breast cancers.

It's held responsible for 3.5% of all cancer deaths on earth, but a very significant higher percentage of early cancer death.

So if cesium fear can push some Japanese into drinking less alcohol, it will be a huge gain for their health condition.

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