Sunday, June 23, 2013

All Candidates from LDP, Komei Win in Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Election, Communist Party Jumps

Boy-wonder's party, Japan Restoration Party, had only two candidates win, out of 17.

Japanese Communist Party is now the third largest party (with 17) after LDP and Komei Party, in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly. Japanese Communist Party's platform was "Protect the Constitution", "Zero Nuke", "Protect People's Living". They more than doubled the seats, from 8 to 17.

Democratic Party of Japan went from 43 to 15, now behind Japan Communist Party.

Social Democrats, Greens, and Ichiro Ozawa's People's Life Party couldn't get any candidate elected.

43.50% of eligible voters in Tokyo bothered to vote, down 11 points from the last election.

Naturally, LDP and the Abe administration take it as endorsement of their policies, particularly the so-called "Abenomics", and as good omen for the July Upper House election.

LDP/Komei total: 82 (LDP 59, Komei 23)
Japan Restoration Party: 2
Your Party (Minna): 7
Others: 4
Japanese Communist Party: 17
Democratic Party of Japan: 15


Maju said...

That's quite an interesting result, very especially the massive abstention 57%!!! If Anarchists were right in their promotion of abstention, then Tokyo should be now Anarchist. It doesn't work that way, I know (are there even Anarchists in Japan at all?) but it clearly indicates growing discontent with the political system overall. The LDP party is "winning" with a mere 28% of the citizens' support, what is IMO not really legitimate, much less a reason to feel proud or celebrate.

How many seats did the Communist Party have previously? Is it a large or small jump? That's the second most interesting part of the story.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Communist Party went from 8 to 17.

Anonymous said...

To some extent this is GOOD NEWS: JCP can work to slow down the Abe-Insanity agenda, to restart nukes and to nuke the economy.

The big jump of JCP and drop of useless DPJ show quite a dissatisfaction on those whose brains are still functioning.

Surely the low turnout reflects not so much that people are happy with Abe but that they are dumbed down by modern electric gadget society and just don't care one way or another?

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

It seems more of a sense of helplessness - no matter what, LDP will win anyway. And lack of alternatives (other than Communist Party who clearly says no ditching of Constitution and no nuke).

Anonymous said...

Excellent result for the JCP. I wish they would change their name to "social-democrats" or "the lefties" because AFAIK their agenda is not hard-core communist, mostly clear and reasonable left-wing stuff and just the C word may put a lot of people off voting for them.

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