Tuesday, September 10, 2013

(OT) Today's John Kerry on Syria: "It Was Me Who Suggested Syria's Chemical Weapon Control Last Week"

After the scramble to spin Secretary Kerry's blunder during a press briefing in London on Monday which gave an opening to Vladimir Putin was unsuccessful, the Obama administration's Tuesday's spin is that it is not Russia but the US who suggested it, and it was last week.

From Buzz Feed (9/10/2013):

Administration Changes Russian Proposal’s Origin Story

WASHINGTON — The Obama Administration’s explanation of how a Russian proposal to get rid of Syrian chemical weapons came to be has morphed rapidly in the past 24 hours from being portrayed as an unexpected slip-up to — in its new incarnation — a plan that U.S. officials were involved in as early as last week.

“I had some conversations about this with my counterpart from Russia last week,” Secretary of State John Kerry said during a House Armed Services Committee hearing on Tuesday, referring to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. “President Putin raised the issue with President Obama at St. Petersburg. President Obama directed us to try to continue to talk and see if it is possible. So it is not something that — you know, suddenly emerged, though it did publicly. But it cannot be allowed to be a delay.”

Later, under questioning by Rep. Hank Johnson, Kerry said he had not made a mistake when he suggested the proposal in a press conference in London on Monday.

I didn’t misspeak,” Kerry said. “I was asked about it. I responded because I was asked.”

(Full article at the link)

How he takes us for fools who cannot (do not, would not) remember what his own department put out yesterday that his remark was nothing but "hypothetical and rhetorical".

But now the Obama administration's "strategy" today is to make it near-impossible for the UN Security Council to come to any agreement on Russia's proposal for an international supervision of Syria's chemical weapons. Russia has just withdrawn the request for the emergency session of the Council.

Meanwhile "Syrian rebels" that the US supports are dead set against political solutions, as they have been planning their offensive around the coming US military attack on Syria.

Mccain-Graham duo now says the Assad administration's willingness to submit its chemical weapons under international supervision is an excellent reason for the US Congress to vote "yes" on launching a military attack on Syria.

President Assad, during his interview with Charlie Rose that was aired on Monday, said:

"... for us in Syria, we have principles. We'll do anything to prevent another crazy war in the region. ... It's not about me, it's about the region."


Anonymous said...

He takes us for fools because most people are fools.

I dunno if it's because of the shit they put in the water or that everyone is in constant denial and ignorance, but most people have absolutely terrible memories and can't even remember what happened yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Tsk Tsk...I was not "me"..it was I..grammar grammar Secretary Kerry.

Anonymous said...

The ongoing evolution of the crisis is showing to us that the US is really interested in preventing Assad regime to use chemical weapons.
The US is really right. And if the US was purely interested in attacking the Assad regime, the US would not be interested in negotiating.
This proves that US is really concerned about people and wants to prevent useless pain.
It also proves that it is the Assad regime that used the weapons, and not islamists trying to pull the US into the war against Assad regime.
If it is islamists who are responsible, they only need to blow a few more chemical bombs to get US reaction. Why arn't they doing it? Response is simple, islamists fighters, extremists, have no chemical weapons and don't have the knowledge and capability to use them. Assad regime committed the crime without any doubt.

Anonymous said...

Of course! This is why Obamas friendly "rebels" behead Christians, wreck mosques, etc.....

You've really got the dynamics wrong when the VAST majority of the AMERICANS are siding with PUTIN and ASSAD. How idiotic is your argument when the known "bad guys" are CLEARLY coming across with the most compelling story.

The is no reason for Assad to gas anyone. There is however a fine reason for Al-Quieda to do this, so that the US attacks. We take over the banking institutions (just like the "rebels" did in Lybia, the first thing they did was replace the nationalized banks!).

This allows us to ensure that Saudi Arabia and Qatar control the distribution of energy in the region, and they will not allow oil to stop being traded in dollars. This system is the only thing that allows Obama to print unlimited money and therefore inject 22 billion dollars a week into the stock market via quantitative easing.

The Saudis will essentially protect our currency if we protect their oil interests.

Russia, China, Iran, and Brazil DO NOT trade in petro-dollars, and this is an enormous threat if this trend continues to spread. This is how they control Obamas destiny, by coming up with ways to stop him from ousting Assad that embarass Obama on the world stage. Its working perfectly, Obama looks like a world class idiot (along with the breathtaking lies of John Kerry).

They WILL attack Syria. It will happen. But to kill Assad and usher in the "rebels" who will turn Syria into the hell that is Lybia and Egypt.

Finally, both Putin and Assad have said there is zero evidence linking chemical weapons attack to Assad, the US has NOT made a case that it was Assad. They claim to be certain it was Assad, but still know NOTHING about what happened in Benghazi? We actually know that the CIA/State Department were running weapons to terrorists (think fast and furious part 2) and had anyone survived to talk about it, it would have been the end of Obama. Hence, during the attack, the commander of Africom (Carter Hamm) was told to stand down and relieved of duty on the spot when he dispatched support and refused to comply.

Oh, but there was nothing to cover up right?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 1:54PM, thanks for a good laugh. By now you should know that your Obama White House also counted people who died from conventional weapons.

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